PIP / I-Tech / CTs Multi-Channel Firmware v2.0.6.9 (Windows)

Last Updated: 8月20日

Crown Firmware

Released December 1, 2006

CTs Multichannel USP/CN Version
PIP Lite Version
PIP USP3 Version
PIP USP3/CN Version
I-Tech Version

This firmware is not compatible with IQwic 8.10 or earlier, or London Architect 1.08 or earlier.

Important: Updating firmware will destroy any presets stored in the component being updated.

Changes made to firmware:

  • Increased maximum device name length to 256 characters.
  • Fixed: Devices sometimes had a blank device name when powered on for the first time.
  • Fixed: Changes made to venue table on one instance of System Architect were not being reflected on other instances.
  • Fixed: Making changes to access control sometimes caused devices to reset.
  • Fixed: If you turn on Locate in Firmware Wizard or Network Wizard in System Architect, the indication does not appear on the icon in Venue View.
  • Improved performance of metering in System Architect.
  • Added better error checking for IP subnet masks (
  • Fault status changed from control to sensor (