PX Series (China Only)

Crown PX series is a set of high-quality two-channel professional entry-level audio amplifiers. Crown PX series amplifiers are available in four models: PX1000, PX2000, PX3000, and PX4000, providing power outputs ranging from 2 x 300W @8Ω to 2 x 1350W @ 8Ω. With compact structure and intuitive design, Crown PX series amplifiers are a perfect fit for modern aesthetics. They also ensure stable and efficient delivery of high-fidelity sound, which can meet the stringent audio requirements of sophisticated musicians and presenters. The features of Crown PX series include RCA and XLR input interfaces, optional input sensitivity for users: 0.775V and 1.4V, Speakon® and binding post outputs, stereo / parallel / bridge mono modes, power / fault / signal presence / clip indicators; and protection against short circuit, no-load, power on / off noise and radio frequency interference.

PX Series (China Only) Products

  • PX1000


    Two-Channel Professional Audio Amplifier
  • PX2000


    Two-Channel Professional Audio Amplifier
  • PX3000


    Two-Channel Professional Audio Amplifier
  • PX4000


    Two-Channel Professional Audio Amplifier