PIP-USP3/CN (停产)

 Cobranet 可编程输入处理器


PIP-USP3CN 模块包含了 PIP-USP3 的所有功能,也采用了相同的 100-MB 以太网连接进行 CobraNet 传输。 信号路由可通过免费 IQWic 软件轻松控制。 此外,PIP-USP3CN 还提供了两个模拟音频输入,可配置为冗余信号或页面应用。 通过对功放中的信号进行本地信号处理,节约 CobraNet 网络中的音频带宽。 不仅如此,还配备有功放输出收听总线,方便用户将功放输出信号通过以太网路由回中央收听位置。

  • 适用于 CobraNet 音频以及 TCP/IQ 控制与监控的 100Mb 以太网单插头解决方案
  • 模拟音频输入支持 CobraNet 网络音频输入、CobraNet 音频备份或 CobraNet 音频的硬接线紧急覆盖
  • 通过 CobraNet 进行“收听总线”功放输出监控
  • 24 位数字模拟转换与 32 位,浮点 DSP 处理
  • 64 个可分配滤波器,有 9 种不同的滤波器类型,其中包括全通滤波器
  • 每个通道提供 2 秒以上的延时
  • 每个通道提供有输入压缩器与输出限幅器
  • 双重不相干噪声生成器,用于屏蔽噪声
  • 正弦波生成器
  • 负载监控
  • 全面的错误报告
  • 通过网络进行固件升级
  • 10 个用户可选预设
  • 提供闪存可靠备份所有参数
  • 支持三年无障碍可完全转让质保,全面保护您的投资,保证产品始终符合规格(自 2011 年 5 月 1 日安装到 CTs 系列功放之日起,保修期延长至五年。)
Internal Controls A Reset/Preset switch, accessible with a straightended paper clip through the PIP panel, selects the next user preset if pressed for less than 2 seconds, resets the PIP to preset "0" if pressed for more than 2 seconds.
Balanced Audio Input Connectors Single 5-pin removable barrier-strip connector for both channels
AUX Connector Configurable for AUX input, AUX output. Listen Bus is available through CobraNet.
Network Connector The dual RJ45 CobraNet connectors allow a Primary & Secondary connection to the 100Mb Ethernet network. Should the Primary connection lose link activity with the network, the USP3/CN will automatically switch to the Secondary connection to ensure uninterr
Preset Indicator Signals the number of the current preset, if active, by flashing a series of flashes equal to the current preset number.
IQ Data Indicator Flashes when the IQ-PIP-USP3/CN receives a valid command that is addressed to the IQ-PIP-USP3/CN.
Reset/Preset Switch Used to change presets, restore settings to factory default or restore all the presets to the factory defaults. During operations of the switch, the Data indicator flashes as an aid to the user.
Memory Backup 512 kbyte non-volatile FLASH memory for backup of run-time parameters, presets, and program storage. Capable of greater than 10 year data retention and estimated 20+ year life-cycle.
通讯 100Mb Fast Ethernet conforming to IEEE 802.3.
Power Requirements +24VDC @ 350mA, -24VDC @ 30mA. <8.7 watts.
DSP Processing 32 bit, Floating Point, 665 μs latency.
DAC Conversion 24 bit, 135 μs latency
动态范围 >103 dB typical (A-Weighted, 20Hz - 20kHz, audio sourced from muted CobraNet channel).
Distortion < 0.05% THD+N, 20Hz - 20kHz


+/-0.5 dB, 20Hz - 20kHz
Input/Output Monitor Accuracy Typically +/-1 dB