Wanda International Cinema Debuts China’s First Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen with JBL Professional Sound

Wanda International Cinema Debuts China’s First Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen with JBL Professional Sound

13 de Fevereiro de 2018

SHANGHAI— Shanghai’s Wanda International Cinema in Wujiaochang recently unveiled China’s first theater equipped with a Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen and JBL Sculpted Surround™ audio system.

 Officials from Wanda Cinemas, Samsung, HARMAN and the National Radio & Television Administration gathered in 2018 for a celebratory launch ceremony in the new Onyx theater. After the ceremony, movie fans joined with film industry leaders and members of the press to experience the next-level visuals and superb audio of the Onyx cinema solution for themselves with a special showing of “The Greatest Showman.”

 “At Wanda Cinemas, we are committed to building a high-quality movie ecosystem that meets global standards,” said Zeng Guang, General Manager of Development, Wanda Cinemas. “We focus everything we do around the value and experience of the audience, maintaining a high standard of design and movie screening technology. By partnering with innovators like Samsung and HARMAN, Wanda Cinemas will continue to provide more diverse viewing options and set the benchmark for the future of cinemas everywhere.”

 The ceremony demonstrated the unique multi-dimensional audiovisual experience made possible by the collaboration between HARMAN and Samsung. The Onyx LED cinema solution vividly showcased the gorgeous colors and dynamic sequences of “The Greatest Showman”, while also bringing the film’s award-winning soundtrack to life with stunning clarity and accuracy. After the screening, many members of the audience said they felt as if they were watching a live musical performance in person.

 “Innovation is in Samsung’s DNA, and by applying our LED display technology to the big screen for the first time, we are helping to usher in a new projector-free era in the cinema industry,” said Yontak Jin, Vice President of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung China. “The Onyx cinema solution is the first to feature a curved screen, quantum dots and HDR technology, resulting in superior image quality, color and performance. The Onyx completely revolutionizes the viewing experience for cinema lovers by bringing a level of immersion never before seen in a movie theater.”

 Stretching over 33 feet wide, the Samsung Onyx LED screen features industry-leading 4K resolution and a peak brightness nearly ten times greater than conventional projector-based screens. The world’s first DCI-compliant LED theater display, the Samsun Onyx LED screen integrates High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, displaying perfect color accuracy, true black and pure white with zero distortion.

  “Wanda Cinemas remains committed to our core mission of utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide a high-quality viewing experience for audiences,” said Qi Wang, Vice President of Wanda Cinemas. “The Onyx LED screen is the only cinema solution in the world that is DCI-certified, and we’ve been looking forward to having it in our theater ever since its announcement at CinemaCon last year. We’re proud to be the first facility to introduce the Onyx in China and offer audiences the ultimate viewing experience. This is a big moment in China’s film history, and we’re happy to be a part of launching a new era of Cinema.”

 The Samsung Onyx screen doesn’t just represent a step forward for picture quality, the audio system was custom-designed by HARMAN and integrates JBL’s patented Sculpted Surround system, creating a brilliant cinematic surround sound environment. JBL speakers are paired with state-of-the-art Crown amplifiers and BSS signal processing to reproduce modern film soundtracks with unparalleled quality, coverage and accuracy. With its unprecedented visual and audio experience, the Onyx cinema solution is also suitable for corporate presentations, sporting events, competitive gaming, concerts and theatrical performances, creating even more business opportunities for facilities like Wanda International Cinema.

 “For decades, HARMAN has been dedicated to the development and innovation of cinema audio systems,” said Frank Xiao, General Manager of HARMAN Professional Solutions, China. “JBL is an iconic brand in the cinema market and its products are widely used in major film studios and theaters around the world. In order to create the ideal audio system for the Onyx cinema screen, our team worked closely with Samsung to design a custom solution using JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers and BSS processors. We are proud of this collaboration and we look forward to working with Samsung to introduce this revolutionary cinema system to audiences throughout China and beyond.”

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