The DriveCore™ Install series amplifiers is a complete line of high performance installation amplifiers based on the proprietary DriveCore technology. DCi Series amplifiers are designed, engineered and manufactured to the industry’s highest quality standards, and provide system integrators with the advanced features and flexibility required for challenging 21st century installed sound applications. Versatile, compact and highly energy-efficient, DCi Series amplifiers continue the unbroken Crown tradition of leadership in professional and commercial power amplifier technology.

As the undisputed leader in sound amplification, Crown builds on its legacy of innovation and insight with the industry’s first 100V direct drive amp: the DriveCore™ Install Amplifier Series (DCi). The ideal choice for everything from meeting rooms to massive stadiums, the highly efficient DCi Series saves you time because it configures quickly and is simple to use. Plus, its lighter, space-saving design makes it easy to install wherever you want. Designed, engineered and manufactured to the industry’s highest quality standards for analog or network installations, the DCi Series provides system integrators with effortless, unmatched performance time after time. A SOUND DIFFERENCE YOU CAN SEE. Designed for minimum size and maximum power, DriveCore offers greater accuracy, reduced weight, and best-in-class signal-to-noise performance. The front-end drive circuits leverage the inherent efficiency of Class D

output stages while also maintaining superb sonic characteristics. DriveCore means the patented feedback and PWM circuits provide fast recovery on peak transients, accurate reproduction of low-level detail and precise tracking of low frequencies at all power levels. Plus, fewer parts results in increased reliability – and the legendary performance you expect from Crown. With an extremely wide tolerance for AC line conditions, whether you’re on a normal power grid or fluctuating back-up generator power for Life-Safety systems, DriveCore amps deliver sound that’s never compromised. A proprietary hybrid analog-digital integrated circuit that’s bolstered by multiple patents, DriveCore leads a new era of sustainable excellence. It also represents another historic milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering audio products demanded by professionals – and that please audiences worldwide.

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The DCi Series is a direct result of this HARMAN initiative designed to increase performance and acoustic qualities while dramatically reducing energy consumption. With the DriveCore chip replacing over 500 parts, it requires far fewer materials while easily delivering more than 90% efficiency. The Powersave feature provides additional energy savings with an Auto-Standby mode that powers down the amp to consume less than 1W. Plus, using recycled cardboard boxes to ship DCi units further reduces our carbon footprint


Since the introduction of the first IQ system in 1992, Crown has deployed more networked audio systems than all other amplifier manufacturers combined. This pedigree continues today with the DCi Series amplifier. Adhering to exact TCP/IP Ethernet standards and equipped with HiQnet™ technology, the Network and Dante Series amplifiers can live on a standard network without the hassle of proprietary switches or hardware. And by following standard protocol, large systems of 400+ amplifiers can be quickly deployed on a single network backbone without any special considerations.


Crown’s legendary DSP, combined with DCi’s true rack density design, provides the flexibility and design tools for wide-ranging jobs while outperforming many of the world’s stand-alone loudspeaker processors. With LevelMAX™, input and output EQ, delay, pilot tone monitoring and tone generators, DSP-enabled DCi amplifiers are packed with features that can be used worldwide. Combining DSP with network monitoring and control gives consultants, engineers and end users enormous flexibility.

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