Firmware for PIP-Lite, USP3, USP3/CN, I-Tech, CTs4200 & CTs8200 USPCN v2.0.9.10 (Windows)

Last Updated: 23 de Agosto

Firmware for PIP, USP3, I-Tech, CTs

Released April, 2008

Firmware for PIP-Lite, USP3, USP3/CN, I-Tech, CTs4200 & 8200 USPCN

  • CTs Multichannel USP/CN Version
  • PIP Lite Version
  • PIP USP3 Version
  • PIP USP3/CN Version
  • I-Tech Version
      • Includes HiQnet™ features for use with System Architect 
      • DSP Filters are optimized and pre-allocated for specific use (e.g. input eq, speaker processing, etc.). Same number of filters per unit.  
      • Requires System Architect 1.6 or greater
      • Requires IQwic version 8.23 or greater (some user action is required)
      • Requires London Architect 1.14 or greater

Important: Updating firmware will destroy any presets stored in the component being updated. This occurs no matter what version of firmware you are installing. Installing firmware resets the component to factory defaults, all settings are lost. The settings will need to be reloaded, either manually or from a file.

NOTE: There has been found a firmware bug related to doing firmware upgrades. This bug is an issue that has occurred, occasionally in different versions of firmware since the release of firmware versions, where the channel 1 input is routed to all outputs after performing a firmware upgrade. This affects the PIP USP-3, PIP USP-3CN and I-Tech amplifiers as well as in the latest firmware release 8107/4107 for the multi-channel amplifiers. Although it is always good practice we are advising that after performing a firmware upgrade that the input routing be verified. This bug is scheduled to be eliminated in the next firmware release to come out with System Architect 1.7.

Changes made to firmware:

More robust support for HiQnet™ control protocol and System Architect and London Architect software. There are also several improvements and bug fixes.  Further information can be found in each directory.

Complete details are included in the distribution file.

Produtos Relacioandos

  • CTs 4200

    CTs 4200

    Amplificador de potência de quatro canais, 260W

  • CTs 8200

    CTs 8200

    Amplificador de potência, oito canais, 200W

  • PIP-USP3

    Processador de Entrada Programável IQ DSP


    Processador de entrada programável Cobranet