Nodeul Live House Enhances Events, Performances and Guest Experience by Upgrading to World-Class HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

Nodeul Live House Enhances Events, Performances and Guest Experience by Upgrading to World-Class HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

05 de Agosto de 2020

Seoul, REPUBLIC OF KOREA—To offer guests an unforgettable experience during concerts and other live events, the Nodeul Live House upgraded its sound system by hiring integrators, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and All That Sound, to design an install a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio solution.

The Nodeul Live House is a performing arts center located on Nodeul Island, which is man-made island in the Hangang River. Accessible by the Hangang Bridge, Nodeul Island was established and created by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and serves as a sophisticed, cultural hotspot in the city. In addition to lifestyle centers, various food and beverage outlets as well as scenic spots of natural beauty, the island is home to the Nodeul Live House. Accomadating a maxiumum capacity of nearly 1,000 guests, Nodeul Live House is a popular music venue that offers large-scale performances and concerts. To enhance those live shows with pristine sound, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and All That Sound equipped the venue with a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional audio solution that features JBL Professional’s renowned VTX line-array loudspeaker systems.

"Nodeul Live House provided detailed requests for their sound set up, which included the solution for reduction of low frequency booming noise when the bass becomes blurred and indistinct.” said a spokesperson for TechDataPS Co., Ltd. “Also, since there were several speakers already installed, we had to redesign the existing layout to bring out the best performance of the system. Keeping in line with the requests, we chose JBL VTX A12 loudspeakers because they provide an undistorted balance of high-end resolution and precise sound."

Built with next-generation JBL transducer technology and a high-frequency waveguide design, VTX A12 dual 12” line-array loudspeakers deliver crystal-clear sound and speech intelligibility with even coverage across the venue. To compliment the sound, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and All That Sound deployed VTX G28 dual 18” subwoofers, which feature JBL's patented Differential Drive® technology and Crown VRack DSP and Amplification to provide accurate, extended low-frequency response. Also included in the system, VTX F12 bi-amplified 2-way loudspeakers offer premium audio performance and added flexibility, while VTX M20 dual 10” professional monitors deliver accurate sound reproduction for the performers onstage. To power the complex solution, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. and All That Sound used Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD and VRACK 4x3500HD amplifiers because of their uncomprosing power and durability.

"The Nodeul Live House was earmarked as the cultural hub for music in Seoul. Therefore, we felt that it deserved the best-in-class sound solutions available in the market," said a spokesperson for the Nodeul Live House. “We were quite dissatisfied with the existing rental equipment, which did not do justice to either the performances or the grandeur of the performance center. There were consistent issues in the quality of the sound output as well as the distribution of sound pressure. Having said that, we are delighted with the solutions and designs provided by TechDataPS Co., Ltd. The current setup has met all our criteria and is sure to enthrall our audience in the future.”

"The project at the Nodeul Live House not only called for cutting-edge systems, but also highly astute design layouts that extracted the best possible performances from them," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We'd like to thank our partner TechDataPS Co., Ltd., for delivering an ingenious and calculated solution that truly meets every criterion of our client."

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