Konzerthaus Dortmund Elevates Performances by Upgrading to World-Class HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

Konzerthaus Dortmund Elevates Performances by Upgrading to World-Class HARMAN Professional Audio Solution

28 de Janeiro de 2021

DORTMUND, Germany—Looking to provide guests an even greater live sound experience, Konzerthaus Dortmund collaborated with Audio Pro and integrators B+B Event Technology to upgrade its sound system to a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio solution.

Known as one of the leading concert and event halls in Germany, Konzerthaus Dortmund hosts hundreds of shows each year and can accommodate up to 1,550 guests. With acts ranging from classical music and piano recitals to pop and rock-and-roll concerts, mixed with an increased demand for loudspeaker-supported events, the venue decided to invest in a new audio system that delivers pristine sound for all types of genres and performances. Originally planning for the install to take place towards the end of 2020, a halt in events and gatherings due to COVID-19 sped up the timeline. During the break in action, Konzerthaus used the time to upgrade from its previous JBL system in preparation for when concerts and live events returned. Designed and installed by Audio Pro and B+B, the new-and-improved HARMAN Professional audio solution features an array of JBL Professional VTX, VerTec and VRX Series loudspeakers.

“Konzerthaus continued to see an increase in the number of amplified shows, so the need for higher-end equipment to support these shows also increased,” said Carsten Peter of Audio Pro. “The venue features a relatively long reverberation time with a complex acoustical environment, so we didn’t want to send any energy against the wall. After several days of listening tests, it was clear that the HARMAN system and JBL loudspeakers offered the best audio performance and control.”

Delivering crystal-clear sound with even distribution across the venue, the system’s main cluster is designed in mono and features JBL VTX A8 dual 8” compact line array loudspeakers. With JBL’s proprietary woofers and latest-generation high-frequency transducer and waveguide technology, the VTX A8s offer unmatched performance and efficiency with a consistent 110-degrees of horizontal coverage. Complementing the VTX A8s, B+B built the left and right side hangs with JBL VT4886 high-directivity line arrays. For added flexibility, the system allows Konzerthaus to tailor the sound for any show by using additional VT4886 speakers as front fills during musical performances or JBL AC15s as front fills for speaking events.

Ensuring everybody in the audience is treated to exceptional sound, B+B installed JBL AM7212 systems to cover the seats above the stage, while JBL VRX932LA-1 line array loudspeakers function as delay fills and bring exceptional sound to the venue’s most distant seats.

The system also includes VTX B18 subwoofers, which incorporate JBL’s patented Slip Stream™ double-flared exponential low-frequency port design to provide authoritative bass, improved airflow and reduced audible turbulence. Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD and I-Tech 5000HD amplifiers power the complex solution, while a Soundcraft Vi5000 digital console provides Konzerthaus premium mixing capabilities. In addition to uncompromising performance and dependability, the mixer and amps help maintain peak system operation by sending and receiving digital AES signals. Configured with HARMAN HiQnet Audio Architect and JBL Performance Manager software, the powerful solution takes the venue’s events to the next level and provides an enhanced concert experience for everybody in attendance.

"The JBL VTX A8 clearly and immediately convinced all those who were present at the listening tests. It was noticeable that due to the precisely defined coverage that significantly less acoustic artifacts arise in the very sensitive room and therefore the signal is much clearer and more directly audible,” said Sebastian Müller-Eckhard, Project Manager at B+B. “In addition, the speech intelligibility was significantly improved. The very clever rigging concept was also positively noticed.”

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