HARMAN Professional Solutions Introduces  Crown CDi DriveCore™ Series Amplifiers

HARMAN Professional Solutions Introduces Crown CDi DriveCore™ Series Amplifiers

Produtos Relacioandos

  • CDi 2|300

    CDi 2|300

    Amplificado, entrada analógica, 2 canais, 300W por canal de saída.

  • CDi 2|300BL

    CDi 2|300BL

    Entrada de link analógico + BLU, 2 canais, 300W por canal de saída

  • CDi 2|600

    CDi 2|600

    Amplificador, entrada analógica, 2 canais, 600W por canal de saída.

  • CDi 2|600BL

    CDi 2|600BL

    Amplificador, analógico + BLU entrada de link, 2 canais, 600W por canal de saída. 

  • CDi 4|1200

    CDi 4|1200

    Analog input, 4 channel, 1200W per output channel
  • CDi 4|1200BL

    CDi 4|1200BL

    Analog + BLU link input, 4 channel, 1200W per output channel
  • CDi 4|300

    CDi 4|300

    Amplificador, entrada analógica, 4 canais, 300W por canal de saída.

  • CDi 4|300BL

    CDi 4|300BL

    Amplificador, entrada de link analógico + BLU, 4 canais, 300W por canal de saída.

  • CDi 2|1200

    CDi 2|1200

    Analog input, 2 channel, 1200W per output channel
  • CDi 2|1200BL

    CDi 2|1200BL

    Analog + BLU link input, 2 channel, 1200W per output channel
  • CDi 4|600

    CDi 4|600

    Analog input, 4 channel, 600W per output channel
  • CDi 4|600BL

    CDi 4|600BL

    Analog + BLU link input, 4 channel, 600W per output channel
14 de Junho de 2017

New line of high-performance amplifiers builds on the success of the Crown DriveCore Install Series to offer a balance of robust functionality and flagship features at a reasonable cost

InfoComm (Booth #3201), ORLANDOHARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, including networked AV, today introduced Crown CDi DriveCore™ Series power amplifiers.

Featuring high channel density, integrated DSP, full-featured front panel controls with color display and international power features, the CDi DriveCore™ Series can be deployed in a wide variety of any global installations with minimal complication. Developed for commercial sound installation technicians and integrators who want streamlined equipment with modern features, the CDi DriveCore™ Series represents the best performance-for-value amplifier line on the market.

“Venues such as bars, restaurants, worship facilities and retail spaces need high quality amplifiers that offer premium performance, without the premium price tag,” said Emilian Wojtowycz, Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “By leveraging our innovative and multi-patented DriveCore™ technology and building on the strength of the acclaimed DriveCore Install series, we developed an entirely new line of versatile amplifiers that offer robust functionality and flagship features, all at a reasonable cost. The Crown CDi DriveCore™ Series provides our customers with the features they want and need, and brings flagship performance to any sound system installation.”

Like its predecessors, the CDi DriveCore™ Series delivers high-performance sound and reliability through Crown’s multi-patented DriveCore™ Technology. The CDi DriveCore™ line provides Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and the option for digital audio transport with BLU link for higher quality sound. Additionally, due to the advanced nature of DriveCore™, Crown amps equipped with this technology have up to 500 less parts than conventional amplifiers, delivering greater reliability.

The CDi DriveCore™ Series includes 2 or 4 channel models at 300/600/1200-watt output power ratings, as well as 70Vrms and 100Vrms direct output for use in global installations. The CDi DriveCore™ Series opts out of load monitoring, and instead focuses on the right speaker tunings for installations. As a result, the amplifiers offer the essence of DriveCore™ without options that aren’t needed in many venues. While some features have been removed, others have been introduced to deliver premium performance.

A front panel screen and controls for simple setup allow customers to quickly recall JBL speaker tunings, configure amp inputs and outputs, and modify DSP settings. Bridgeable output channels double the power output by driving two output channels as one. This offers flexibility of use for zoning in constant voltage systems, or larger subwoofer use for performance and higher-volume SPL applications. A space-saving design is ideal for reducing rack space in renovations and new construction projects, and provides additional power points. Industry-standard control options include GPIO and aux port control, AMX integration for use with 3rd party controllers, and compatibility with BSS Contrio Wall Controllers. Finally, Energy Star 3.0 certification and highly efficient power modes enable customers to maximize their investment in audio systems.  

Key Features:

  • DriveCore™ technology
  • Bridgeable output channels
  • DSP similar to existing DriveCore Install lines
  • Both 2 and 4 channel options use 2 RU identical form factor
  • All models network compatible
  • Front panel interface (lockable)
  • BLU link option available
  • Energy Star 3.0 certification
  • 100V and 70V (direct without transformers), or 4/8 Ohm output.
  • Capable of 70V and 100V (without bridging channels)
  • Pre-loaded speaker tunings

The Crown CDi DriveCore Series will be available in July 2017.

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