Rocco’s Bar & Gusto Transforms into a Multi-Function Event Space With HARMAN Professional Networked AV Solutions

Rocco’s Bar & Gusto Transforms into a Multi-Function Event Space With HARMAN Professional Networked AV Solutions


Rocco’s Bar & Gusto is a restaurant and venue located inside United Cinemas in Warriewood, New South Wales that hosts parties, private business meetings, sporting and fine dining events in its multipurpose event spaces. Because the venue space can be divided into multiple separate areas to accommodate a variety of events and meetings, the restaurant required an audio-visual solution with the flexibility to route and matrix signals to their respective zones. To meet this request, Rocco’s acquired a fully networked audio-visual system featuring solutions by AMX, BSS, JBL Professional, Crown and AKG.

“We wanted an immersive experience for Rocco’s Bar & Gusto, and the HARMAN solutions exceeded our expectations,” said Sam Mustaca, CEO, United Cinemas. “Just like the state-of-the-art sound found in our theaters, we wanted Rocco’s to have exceptional sound capabilities that elevate the customer experience.”

To achieve high-quality sound throughout the space, the installation team equipped the restaurant with JBL Control 47LP low-profile ceiling speakers and Control 40CS/T in-ceiling subwoofers for wide and consistent coverage throughout the venue while using minimal space. Additionally, an AKG WMS470 wireless microphone system ensures clear vocals and excellent speech intelligibility for performers and speakers. Crown DCi 8|300N amplifiers with DriveCore technology efficiently and reliably power the loudspeakers, and BSS EC-8BV Ethernet wall controllers offer speaker load flexibility and easy volume control across different zones. Finally, the BSS BLU-BIB input expander offers increased flexibility with an additional eight analog channels, and the BSS BLU-100 ensures latency-free signal processing for high-bandwidth events.

The central control system for the venue, featuring exclusively AMX solutions, provides flexible zone configuration and extensive network security features. The AMX MT-1002 tabletop touch panel and NX-2200 NetLinx NX integrated controller provide fast responsiveness throughout the venue and ease of use for staff. Lastly, the AMX SVSI N2300 4K Series encoders and decoders distribute 4K video with low latency, low bandwidth and low power consumption, while the NMX-ATC-N4321 audio transceiver efficiently sends and receives two-channel balanced or unbalanced audio over IP throughout the venue.

“The ultimate goal was to create a unique, multi-functional event space for guests with a simple, easy-to-use interface to manage audio sources across multiple zones,” said Roy Mustaca, Founder, United Cinemas. “I’m grateful for the HARMAN and installation teams for their thoroughness in transforming Rocco’s into a truly world-class venue.”

A spokesperson for the installation team added that they specifically selected AMX and BSS controllers and processors for their proven reputations of high-level integration with various technologies, making them a natural fit for Rocco’s event space.

“Rocco’s Bar & Gusto was a bespoke installation in every sense,” said Amar Subash, Director, Channel Management and Audio Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “Leveraging the latest in control technology offered by HARMAN’s systems, they were able to create an engaging environment. “We would like to thank Rocco’s Bar & Gusto for letting us help them provide a premium audio experience to their audience.”