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Crown Quality Processes

There are three systemic elements within our organization that allow us to be successful and provide the best products to the market for our customers.

  • Effective quality management system

  • World-class operational test development

  • Strict design validation procedures

Quality Management System (QMS)
The three pillars of an effective management system are internal auditing, corrective/preventive actions, and management review. At Crown, we have committed ourselves to continually driving improvements in these three areas, along with developing supporting processes.

For internal auditing, we have instituted a three-tier system to assure we are procedurally compliant.  Aside from external registrar audits, we have second party consultants review our system; we also internally audit ourselves for compliance.

Corrective/Preventive Actions (CAPA)
Problem solving is a trademark of all excellent companies, and it is also the keystone for our Corrective and Preventive Actions process.  Our best problem solvers have formed a task force that keeps its finger on the pulse of our organization to swarm issues as they arise.  This is the basis for a majority of our continual improvement.

Management Review
To ensure accurate oversight of our operations and compliance, the executive management team routinely meets with management reps for the QMS.  This allows for leadership to support improvement efforts and ensure that our customers' needs are met as a product of this system's intrinsic design.

World-Class Test Development
One of the core competencies of our organization is the ability to develop sophisticated test systems that certify and ensure the highest quality of audio performance in the field.  This is an internal process due to how advanced our audio performance and power handling technology has become; no off-the-shelf system today can be leveraged.

We also employ advanced statistical process control (SPC) tools that continually provide feedback to our management system to ensure absolute control of processes and product performance.  The deployment of these cutting edge SPC applications secures a data-based foundation for continuous improvement.

Strict Design Validation Procedures
To ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations and that we bring only the most sophisticated and leading edge products to market, the burden is on us to establish the most stringent of validation procedures.  Rigid and structured validation plans that leverage the decades of product design knowledge, allow for us to set a design standard that is unmatched in the market.

Couple these expectations with top of the line validation tools and state of the art testing equipment, and we are able to pledge to our customers the highest standard for quality available today.


Quality 1

Board Level Functional Tester
Functionally verifies each independent module within a product for compliance to design specifications and certifies build quality.

Quality 2

Automated Final Test
After final assembly of sellable product, all units undergo 100% functional certification prior to shipment to the customers.

Quality 3

Drop Test Validation Setup
During the New Product Development process, products undergo a level of validation screening to ensure that our products can withstand the abuse of real life.

Quality 5

Vibration Table Validation Test
Crown Products are designed to take a beating and continue to deliver world-class sound. To ensure this, we put our products through grueling validation evaluations that allow for us to make such extreme commitments to our customers.

Quality 6

Cross-functional Analysis Inspections
Using the latest available technologies, we work to ensure that only the highest quality components are utilized in our designs.  Either using laser scanning GD&T systems or microscopic cross section analysis of printed circuit boards, we are working to ensure all the critical aspects of our design meet specifications.