PIP-Lite (discontinued)

IQ Programmable Input Processor

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PIP Lite -- Integrates Ethernet-based IQ Network™ control via 100-Mb TCP/IQ protocol for digital control of analog devices. Since audio signals are not converted to digital, a larger dynamic range is possible. Digital signal control allows for error trapping and a proactive response; provides input compression, multimode average power limiting, peak power limiting, thermal limiter, clip limiting, and load monitoring. Requires FREE IQwic™ software and a computer for initial setup.


  • An IQ Network™ Programmable Input Processor with TCP/IQ (connects to an IQ System via 100 Mb Ethernet).
  • Remote control and monitoring of PIP2-compatible Crown amplifiers and some PIP1. 
  • Can be connected to the same network used to pass CobraNet audio. 
  • Implements SmartAmp features: input compressors, multimode output limiters, error reporting and load monitoring. 
  • AUX connector configurable for AUX input, AUX output, or Listen Bus. 
  • Three Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty completely protects your investment and guarantees its specifications. (Effective May 1, 2011 when installed into a CTs Series amplifier the warranty is extended to five years.)


  Version Language Size Uploaded
file type icon PIP-Lite Cut Sheet
updated: Jan 11
    210 KB Jan 11
file type icon PIP-Lite Owner's Manual
updated: Jan 11
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platform icon IQwic
version 8.22, updated: Aug 21
8.22     9.94 MB Aug 21
platform icon IQwic
version 8.10a, updated: Aug 23
8.10a     9.25 MB Aug 23
platform icon IQwic
version 8.10, updated: Aug 22
8.10     9.22 MB Aug 22
platform icon IQwic
version 8.01, updated: Aug 20
8.01     8.89 MB Aug 20
platform icon HiQnet Audio Architect™
updated: Dec 02
    Dec 02
Declaration Of Conformities
file type icon PIP-Lite, PIP-USP4 Declaration of Conformity
updated: Aug 27
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platform icon PIP / I-Tech Firmware
version 2.03.1 , updated: Aug 20
2.03.1     1.43 MB Aug 20
platform icon PIP / I-Tech Firmware
version , updated: Aug 20     2.02 MB Aug 20
platform icon PIP / I-Tech Firmware
version , updated: Aug 21     1.99 MB Aug 21
platform icon PIP / I-Tech / CTs Multi-Channel Firmware
version , updated: Aug 23     2.5 MB Aug 23
platform icon PIP / I-Tech / CTs Multi-Channel Firmware
version , updated: Aug 20     2.11 MB Aug 20
platform icon PIP / I-Tech Firmware
version 2.01.12, updated: Aug 22
2.01.12     862 KB Aug 22

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Network RJ-45 connector forming an IEEE 802.3 Ethernet NIC connection
Channel 1 and Channel 2 balanced Inputs 3-pin, 5mm removable barrier blocks
Indicators A yellow DATA indicator flashes when the IQ-PIP-LITE recieves a valid command that is addressed to the IQ-PIP-LITE. A green PRESET indicator flashes to indicate the selected and active user preset. A yellow LINK ACT indicator (integrated in the network co
Memory Backup 4 Megabit nonvolatile FLASH memory for backup of run-time settings, presets, and program storage. Capable of 10,000 write cycles
Power Requirements No external power is required. 160 mA at +24 VDC and 50 mA at -24 VDC. When installed inot a Crown PIP2 compatible amplifier, the unit receives +/- 24 VDC from the amplifier.
Total Power Dissipation 4.6 watts
Input Impedance Normally 20 kilohms balanced and 10 kilohms unbalanced
Maximum Input Level +20 dBu
Dynamic Range >110 dB (A-Weighted, 20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Frequency Response +/-0.5 dB from 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Common Mode Rejection 50 dB typical
THD+Noise < 0.05% (1 kHz, 0 dBu)
Data Acquisition Eight channel, 12 bit Analog to Digital Converter running at 100 K samples per second
Input/Output Monitor Accuracy Typically +/-1 dB


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PIP-Lite (discontinued)

IQ Programmable Input Processor