PIP / I-Tech / CTs Multi-Channel Firmware v2.0.8.6 (Windows)

Last Updated: Aug 23

Firmware For PIP, I-Tech, CTs

Released July 27, 2007

CTs Multichannel USP/CN Version
PIP Lite Version
PIP USP3 Version
PIP USP3/CN Version
I-Tech Version

This firmware is not compatible with IQwic 8.21 or earlier, or London Architect 1.12 or earlier.

Important: Updating firmware will destroy any presets stored in the component being updated.

NOTE: There has been found a firmware bug related to doing firmware upgrades. This bug is an issue that has occurred, occasionally in different versions of firmware since the release of 2.xxx firmware versions, where the channel 1 input is routed to all outputs after performing a firmware upgrade. This affects the PIP USP-3, PIP USP-3CN and I-Tech amplifiers as well as in the latest firmware release 8107/4107 for the multi-channel amplifiers. Although it is always good practice we are advising that after performing a firmware upgrade that the input routing be verified. This bug is scheduled to be eliminated in the next firmware release to come out with System Architect 1.7.

Changes made to firmware:

  • Released with System Architect 1.50.
  • Fixed: device errors were not always being displayed in the event log in System Architect
  • Added HiQnet support for getting and setting parameter values as percentages

Complete details are included in the distribution file.

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