4-VCAP (discontinued)

Two-gang, 4 VCA Wall Control

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The 1-VCAP and 4-VCAP wall-mounted panels provide remote volume control for one or more VCA-controlled channels. The 1-VCAP is a 1-gang panel with one potentiometer, and the 4-VCAP is a 2-gang panel with four potentiometers.

The potentiometers on the panel are wired directly to the VCA connectors on the VCA-MC module accessories for CTs 4- and 8-channel amplifiers, or to the VCA connections on Commercial Audio Series products.


Number of Potentiometers 4
Potentiometer Resistance 5 k ohms
Pins VCA, GND, +10V (x4)
Weight 6.5 oz (184 g)
Dimensions 4-1/2 in X 4-1/2 in (11.4 cm X 11.4 cm) (Fits inot a 2-gang electrical box.)