(L-R) Stephen Morris, Crown; Carl Slemer, Emagine; Chuck Goodsell, JBL; and Paul Glantz, Emagine 
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Detroit's Emagine Entertainment partners with two Harman Pro brands
to create the world's most technically advanced cinema audio system

NOVI, Michigan - January 2003 -- Troy, Michigan-based Emagine Entertainment very recently opened a new $18-million, 3900-seat cineplex in the nearby metropolitan Detroit suburb of Novi. Featuring 18 screens and numerous amenities that set it apart from its local competitors - such as a Boeing digital cinema system for alternative content, a cocktail concession area and auditorium-style seating throughout - Emagine Novi also boasts arguably the world's most technically advanced cinema audio system.

The auditorium audio equipment complement is almost exclusively comprised of Crown and JBL products. The lion's share of 74 two-channel Crown CTs amplifiers (CTs 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000 models), all equipped with IQ-PIP-USP2 cards, provide power and signal processing for 54 JBL ScreenArray loudspeaker systems (4622, 3632 and 4632 models) and 20 4642A dual-18-inch subs. An additional 18 eight-channel Crown CTs 8200s, each outfit with an IQ-MC-8 module, are also on hand to drive most of the cineplex's 80 JBL 8330A and 120 8340A surround systems.

The key element that makes this system so advanced is the implementation of Crown's IQ System, which provides in-depth, real-time monitoring and control of all 18 networked auditorium systems from a single desktop PC located in the primary projection corridor. Although widely used in high-profile sound reinforcement system installations and top-grossing concert tours for well over a decade, IQ has not yet achieved much visibility in the cinema industry. However, Stephen Morris, Crown International's market director for installed sound and cinema, foresees that quickly changing as cinema management becomes increasingly 'tech-savvy'.

"IQ provides large cineplexes like Emagine Novi with an unprecedented amount of time-saving diagnostic capabilities," notes Morris. "For example, instead of having to continually walk around and personally listen to the audio in each auditorium and visually check every rack to make sure that everything is functioning properly, IQ enables the theater's technical staff to very quickly and easily monitor the performance of not just the amplifiers, but any input signal, amplifier or loudspeaker throughout the facility from one central location. Over time, this can represent an enormous savings in labor costs."

Carl Slemer, Emagine Entertainment president and CEO, agrees. "When Stephen and Chuck (Goodsell, director of cinema marketing for JBL) first explained the benefits of a Crown-JBL system to me at ShoWest last year, I immediately understood the value in what it could provide," he says. "With IQ, we can ensure an ongoing high-quality audio presentation without having to do a lot of running around. By comparison, our Birch Run, Michigan location, which was equipped long before I ever sat down with Crown, requires a much greater amount of time and effort to maintain its high-quality presentation. So I've seen first-hand how IQ has the potential to lower overall operations costs because one person can essentially monitor everything."

Emagine Entertainment is currently building an identical 18-screen facility 15 miles south of Novi in Canton Township. Expected to open in fall of 2003, the new location will benefit from the exact same Crown and JBL audio system, as will likely another Emagine cineplex in nearby Westland, which breaks ground in March of 2003.

Crown International, a Harman International company, manufactures amplifiers, microphones, and systems control products for professional audio markets worldwide, with corporate headquarters located in Elkhart, Indiana. For more information, please visit Crown online at www.crownaudio.com.

Headquartered in Northridge, California, JBL Professional is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of professional loudspeakers for recording and broadcast, musician, cinema, touring sound, commercial sound and contracting applications. JBL Professional is part of the Harman International network of professional and consumer audio companies. For complete product and company information, go to the JBL Pro website at www.jblpro.com.

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January 2003