February 06

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    DCi 8|600N

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February 06, 2017

Hulakula Multi-Entertainment Centre Networked By HARMAN

JBL, BSS, Crown at hub of new 23-zone Warsaw facility

WARSAW, Poland – Following its earlier closure, Poland’s Hulakula Entertainment Centre, which combines bowling, billiards, live music and much more, has relocated to a brand new building in the center of Warsaw. HARMAN Professional Solutions distributor, ESS Audio, won the contract to supply the facility with a complete sound system based around matched HARMAN components.

“The quality and professionalism of our offer and service, the warranty and support we were able to provide as well as the good relationship we already had with the investors was key to our bid,” stated ESS Director Witold Karalow. “In addition, the products we proposed are well known as being high quality.”

ESS Audio was also able to demonstrate the advantage of an integrated HARMAN system using BLU link enabling Crown and BSS devices to be programmed and controlled through HARMAN’s HiQnet Audio Architect™ software. This application used the advanced BSS Soundweb BLU DSP devices and Crown’s DCI-N networked amplifiers. The installation specialists equipped 23 zones including 20 BGM zones, two zones for the main stage and DJ systems, and a final zone for conference purposes.

“The main system had to be sufficiently powerful for top DJ’s and live artists to perform,” continued Karalow. “Thus VRX was specified as being the obvious option within the available budget.”

Six JBL VRX 932LAP and six SRX828SP subs in cardioid configuration have been installed in the main room, while four JBL EON 612 are provided for stage monitoring. Delays and additional fills for distribution to the mezzanine level, comprise four JBL AC18/95 and four AC18/26, while four AKG WMS470 wireless mic channels have been supplied, along with splitter and antennas. The AC18/95’s are powered by a Crown DCi 8|600N.

The smaller music / club room has been equipped with four JBL SRX 815P and four SRX 818SP self-powered 18” subs. This room is alternatively used as a small conference room equipped with nine JBL Control 64P/T, and a pair of AKG WMS470 radio mics plus splitter and antennas. Additionally, the various ancillary zones, which mainly receive BGM feeds, include a restaurant, bar, kids playground, birthday rooms, bowling tracks, billiards room, VIP rooms, restrooms and corridors.

These were collectively equipped with 54 JBL Control 64P/T pendant loudspeakers; 27 Control 25-1; four Control 28-1; a JBL SB2210 dual 10” subwoofer; six JBL Control HST (using Hemispherical Soundfield Technology™); six JBL C14C/T and 18 x 8124 ceiling speakers, powered by three Crown DCi 8|600N. Finally, a separate mobile system comprises a pair of JBL EON610, an EON618S and pair of SRX812P.

ESS Audio’s Peter Bielec and Maciej Barański designed the network for signal distribution entirely over the proprietary BLU link platform, with all loudspeakers powered by four Crown DCi8|600N multi-channel amplifiers. To enable multiple sources to be routed to any of the zones, this network is formed by a combination of Soundweb fixed format BLU-50 (4x4) devices, BLU-100 (12 x 8), user-configurable BLU-800 devices, along with Soundweb Contrio EC4BV / EC8BV Ethernet wall controllers at the reception desks. Two VIP Rooms also have EC4BVs for clients, while one EC8-BV is used to control the conference room.The system is managed from custom HiQnet Audio Architect panels (with room combining) on the PC at the front desk.

Finally, a pair of AKG CGN321 STS table-top paging gooseneck mics are stationed at the main reception and kids’ area so that voice announcements can be made to any of the zones.

“ESS managed to overcome timescale restrictions to deliver an installation that meets all requirements,” said Karalow. “Our aim was to build a really nice, easy-to-use system based on premium HARMAN components and thanks to careful budgeting, this is what we have achieved.”

January 10

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Dsc02039 email

January 10, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Helps Wonders Bar & Grill Create Their Dream Sound System

E2I Design installs an end-to-end HARMAN audio solution to create a seamless, user-friendly sound system with exceptional versatility and control  

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas—E2I Design recently installed a complete audio solution by HARMAN Professional Solutions at Wonders Bar & Grill, a newly opened pub, restaurant, sports bar and live music venue in downtown Corpus Christi. Owners Dayyan and Darren Wonders hired David Rotter, a Systems Integrator at E2I Design, to create a user-friendly system that would enable them to play a wide range of audio sources and manage volume levels in different areas of the bar. After careful consideration, E2I selected a complete HARMAN audio solution made up of dbx controllers, Crown amplification and JBL speakers for their seamless integration, intuitive operation and exceptional sound quality.

“The owners wanted a state-of-the-art audio system that was very user-friendly, with auto-switching capabilities and independent volume control for different zones in the bar,” said Rotter. “By partnering with HARMAN, we were able to cover all of our bases for the system—including controllers, amplification and speakers—all from one integrated provider. All of the solutions work together seamlessly, and the HARMAN team was extremely helpful in making sure that the system we created met all of the customer’s needs.”

The system E2I Design installed at Wonders Bar & Grill includes a dbx ZonePRO 1260m digital zone processor, 4 dbx ZC2 wall-mounted zone controllers, 1 dbx ZC3 wall-mounted zone controller, 1 Crown DCi 4|600 power amplifier, 8 JBL AWC82 loudspeakers and 1 JBL SRX828SP dual self-powered subwoofer system.

Using the ZonePRO processor, E2I Design created four separate audio zones within the bar, including a stage area, a general hangout area, an indoor patio and the actual bar itself. All of the zones play the same audio source and have their own volume controller, which allows the staff to set different volume levels within the same room and enhance the overall experience for customers. For example, the music can be turned up very loud in the back of the room near the pool tables, and set much lower in front of the bar so patrons can easily order drinks and have conversations without shouting over the music. The AWC82 speakers are also highly directional, and E2I installed them to point away from the bar to make the area even quieter.

The system is programmed to automatically switch between multiple audio sources, which can be prioritized using selector switches for different events at the bar. The TV can be set to override the music from the jukebox during a big football game, or a live DJ can override the TV and jukebox during a performance. Finally, the system is designed to sleep until there’s an input source, so there’s no need for the staff to worry about powering the system on or off.

“I’ve had three other bars with sound systems, but I wanted to do something different for this one,” said Dayyan Wonders, owner of Wonders Bar & Grill. “In a lot of bars, it gets so loud that the bartenders can’t hear what the customers are ordering. With the HARMAN system, everyone at the bar can hear what’s going on and customers sitting at tables can actually have conversations. And with auto switching, we don’t have to worry about customers trying to play the jukebox when the rest of the crowd wants to hear the game. This my favorite system I’ve ever had—I couldn’t be any happier.”

E2I Design hired audio engineer Mike Pena to fine-tune the system and ensure that the audio sounds great anywhere in the room. Using the ZonePRO, Pena was able to program limiters, volume levels and EQ settings for each separate zone and audio source. The seamless integration between the HARMAN solutions made the entire tuning process fast and easy, and the resulting sound quality speaks for itself. 

“I work with a lot of HARMAN products in touring sound systems, and I got that same level of clarity and detail from this system,” said Pena. “The ZonePRO has the tools we needed to ensure that the system could adapt and deliver amazing sound quality with all of the different audio sources in the bar—from a country song on the jukebox to a basketball game on TV. We were able to get the system sounding great in all of the different sections and zones, and do it quickly. It was almost three-dimensional sounding with the way it was designed and how well the HARMAN solutions interact with each other.”

November 30

November 30, 2016

HARMAN Professional Solutions Creates Waves with Custom Audio System at Hydropolis

New water-themed visitor attraction in Poland features end-to-end solution with JBL, Crown and BSS Soundweb

LONDON – Creating the innovative and interactive exhibit, Hydropolis, required a customized audio solution by HARMAN Professional Solution. Located in Wroclaw, Poland, the immersive experience posed a challenge with its multi-zone audio needs coupled with its historic location in a 19th century underground clean water tank. ESS Audio, HARMAN’s Polish distribution partner, created a system which includes nearly 150 JBL loudspeakers.

Hydropolis was conceived as a multimedia experience which required specific components and systems to be installed. The €16.2M ($17.1M) project is divided into eight themed zones and covers an area of 4,000 square meters (43,055 square feet). Such a large-scale installation provided acoustical and logistical challenges. There was a tremendous advantage to have HARMAN supply the full line of audio products from within a single portfolio for this project.

“We were able to devise a single, well thought-out system which met Hydropolis’ unique requirements,” explained ESS Audio Director Witold Karalow. “Speaker selection was crucial to this project because acoustics in this space were challenging. This included everything from JBL pendant speakers to Dante-enabled processors.”

Aside from the acoustics, another challenge was to create a giant matrix system, which is where the Crown Amplifier Switchers proved vital. Different soundtracks are fed to each of the different zones which include such themes as Ecology, The Planet of Water, The Depths, The Ocean of Life and The Relaxation Zone. In addition, there are several temporary exhibition spaces which have their own audio requirements.

“Thanks to an informed product selection, visitors are able to engage and interact with highly intelligible and consistent audio as they travel through the eight zones,” Karalow continued. “The decision to transport the signals over the Dante protocol provided an obvious and flexible solution. The advantages of this included higher channel count, lower latency and automatic configuration.”

JBL components selected consist of products from the Control Contractor series. This includes 38 Control 65P/T full range pendant speakers, which incorporate JBL’s Radiation Boundary Integration technology to provide consistent, wide coverage throughout the space. These are accompanied by 24 Control 62P ultra-compact satellite pendant speakers that are visually discreet.

Elsewhere, 50 Control 29AV-1 and a pair of Control 50S/T subwoofer / satellite packs have been deployed along with 14 Control 25AV and three Control 30. Finally, 13 LSR4328PA studio monitors are also part of the installation. Assigned to these are Crown’s state-of-the-art DriveCore eight-channel amplifiers offering ultra-efficiency and economy. These consist of six Crown CT 875, 12 Crown CT16S, 16 Crown DCi 8|300N (300W) and two Crown DCi 8|600N (600W) amplifiers as well as 12 CT16S amplifier switchers.

The digital network is based around three I/O-configurable, Dante-enabled BSS Soundweb BLU-806 DSP’s, a BLU-BIB eight-channel input expander and eight BLU-BOB’s which adds a further 64 outputs, increasing the size of the matrix. There is also provision for BLU-3 wall-mount remote volume/source control switches for local operation.

November 30

November 30, 2016

HARMAN Looks to Build on ESS Audio’s System Optimisation Workshops in 2017

The leading provider of professional audio solutions outlines plans for a new training academy

LONDON – HARMAN’s Polish distributors ESS Audio arrived at Klub Wytwornia in the City of Lodz recently to coincide with the annual SoundEdit Festival, an annual, international festival dedicated to music producers and sound designers.  While Brian Eno was holding court at the Festival, a staggering 170 tour sound engineers turned up to support ESS Audio’s series of workshops, which were presented at the festival for the second consecutive year.

Showcasing products from the HARMAN Professional portfolio, this highly successful educational event was designed to train sound professionals in the methods of tuning sound systems, including tops, subwoofers (in cardioid, front and end-fire configurations) using JBL HiQnet Performance Manager, JBL Line Array Calculator (LAC-II) and Smaart software. Soundcraft’s new Vi5000 was also tied into the working rig, while another Vi2000 console was on show as well as the JBL VTX M22 stage monitor.

 “Everyone loved the event,” exclaimed ESS Audio director, Witold Karalow, adding that the company is already preparing another similar event in March and has confirmed that it will be returning to SoundEdit 2017.

This is just the beginning of a training academy which is expected be rolled out across EMEA by HARMAN in 2017.  According to Ed Jackson, HARMAN Senior Application Engineer, Tour Sound, EMEA, these System Optimisation Workshops will be led by HARMAN technical personnel, under his supervision.

He explained, “This follows on from the training we did in Ibiza earlier this summer and will cover JBL VTX line array theory and the integration of Smaart measurement software. We will also be running training on the Soundcraft Vi consoles for both Mixing and Servicing engineers.”

Once again HARMAN will work in conjunction with local distributors. “In addition to knowledge sharing, the idea is to build up face-to-face contact with end users,” Jackson concludes.

Watch this space for further information.

October 13

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Harman jbl lollapalooza 03 email

October 13, 2016

JBL by HARMAN VTX Series Returns to Lollapalooza

Thunder Audio deploys JBL VTX V25-II line arrays and Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers to power dynamic performances by Ellie Goulding, Major Lazer, Lana Del Ray and more

CHICAGO—Thunder Audio recently deployed a large-scale JBL by HARMAN VTX Series system at Lollapalooza 2016 to power a diverse lineup of high profile artists at the festival’s Bud Light stage, including Ellie Goulding, Major Lazer, Lana Del Ray, The 1975, Future, Disclosure, HAIM and many more. Thunder Audio used the JBL VTX system at Lollapalooza 2015, and selected the system once again for its smooth frequency response, powerful output and ease of deployment. The VTX system’s clear and transparent sound quality was especially important, and enabled Thunder Audio to accommodate a wide range of sonic requirements.

“We always set up the system as flat as possible out of the box without a lot of processing or equalization—the system already sounds great with the JBL voicings,” said Greg Snyder, Vice President of Sales at Thunder Audio. “We’re handing the FOH engineers a very flat and neutral system that works well for any type of music, so they don’t have to do a lot of work to get the sound they want for their artist. This makes it much easier to meet the artists’ expectations and everyone had a great time using it.”

The system Thunder Audio deployed included two main arrays of 18 x VTX V25-II, two arrays of 8 x VTX V25-II for outfills, 8 x S28 subwoofers flown per side, and 30 x S28 on the ground deployed in 10 clusters of 3. The entire system was powered by 72 Crown I-Tech 12000HD amplifiers and Thunder Audio used JBL HiQnet Performance Manager 2.0 software to configure, optimize and monitor the entire system.

“When we built the system, we chose to use Crown I-Tech 12000HD amplifiers for the power,” said Snyder. “There’s so much power on reserve, and we get clarity out of the full spectrum of the system, whether it be low, mids, highs or subwoofers. If a dynamic drum roll or a downbeat occurs, the power is always there and it’s always clean. Last year, we updated our VTX system with new waveguides that made the high frequency even more spectacular and crystal clear. And with the development of Performance Manager 2.0 software and how far it’s come, the entire system is bulletproof.”

As with last year’s festival, the Thunder Audio team faced some significant challenges during deployment. The site received lots of rain in the week before the festival and the area in front of the stage retained a lot of water. Thunder Audio needed to get the system up quickly to avoid tearing up the ground.

“We had to make sure the audience could enjoy where they were standing without getting stuck in the mud, so we needed to build the system quickly while still maintaining the site,” said Snyder. “VTX is one of the most user-friendly systems to deploy, since it can easily be flown standing up or laying on its face. Deployment was very quick and within a couple hours we had all the main clusters and out fills up. Then all we had to do was fork down our subwoofers, which we placed on pallets to keep them out of the mud.”

The artists performing at the Bud Light stage had drastically different sonic qualities—from intense and bass-heavy electronic sounds to rock and roll to modern pop. As an early adopter of the VTX Series, Thunder Audio and was initially drawn to the system for its versatility and its ability to produce excellent results with any type of music.

“With today’s digital consoles and very diverse frequency requirements, it’s important to have a PA that can accurately reproduce the sounds going in to the system,” said Snyder. “With VTX, the sound that comes from the system is record quality. We heard Major Lazer, Ellie Goulding and all of the acts as they’re truly supposed to sound. Even with 40,000 people in front of the PA, the system still sounds great and gives the artists exactly what they’re looking for. In the end, we’re trying to make everyone’s job easier. VTX is a dynamic product and it becomes one with the artist that’s performing.”

October 05

Harman pete m. wyer 01 email

October 05, 2016

HARMAN Professional Solutions Supports Upcoming “Song of the Human” Sound Installation in New York

British composer Pete M. Wyer selects JBL Control One speakers and Crown power amplifiers to create a uniquely immersive experience of music and sound

NEW YORK—HARMAN Professional Solutions is pleased to announce it is supporting “Song of the Human,” an upcoming performance and sound installation by acclaimed British composer Pete M. Wyer. The new composition will premiere on October 12 at a free concert in the Winter Garden atrium of Brookfield Place, and will be recorded for future broadcast as part of public radio station WNYC’s New Sounds series. The live performance will include choral singing by Philadelphia choir The Crossing, found sounds, human speech and other unique recordings played through speakers installed in and around the atrium’s palm trees. Wyer selected 16 JBL Control One speakers and two Crown DCi 8|300N power amps for all of the development he did in his studio in preparation for this unique event.

“All the preparation and prototyping work was done with HARMAN equipment, and I've really enjoyed working with it,” said Wyer. “The immersive experience was especially created to move through and around the trees at Brookfield Place, and it is a special treat to bring these natural and created sounds into such an extraordinary space.”

Wyer is known internationally for his wide range of orchestral, operatic and choral work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Juilliard Academy and London Symphony Orchestra. “Song of the Human” is inspired by the theory that human language evolved from birdsong and aims to reproduce the restorative effects of birdsong for psychological wellbeing. The composition is specifically suited to Manhattan, where birdsong is rarely heard as part of everyday life.

The recordings and choral works that make up the composition were written to be experienced in a spatialized sound field and create a uniquely immersive audio experience. Each JBL Control One speaker is independently coordinated within the overall soundscape via specially created software, which enables sound to move in any direction throughout the space.

Following the concert on October 12, a recorded version of “Song of the Human” will play throughout the opening hours of the Winter Garden from October 14–23. Visitors will experience the sound moving as they move throughout the atrium, and the piece will be looped, so listeners can either hear the full work or simply pass by and hear a few moments of music. Both the concert and installation are open to the public and free of charge.

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