Discontinued Amplifier Products

The products listed below are no longer in production. Manuals and Datasheets are provided for the benefit of users of these products.

All documents are in .pdf format.
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Please note: Some documents are scanned from the original, and as a result have a large file size. File size for larger documents are provided next to the link.


Discontinued Product Product Documentation
CE Series

CE 1000 & 2000 Manual
CE 1000/ CE 2000 Data Sheet
CE 1000 A. & E. Specs
CE 2000TX Operation Manual
CE 2000 A. & E. Specs
CE 1000 AC Power & Thermal Sheet

CE 2000 AC Power & Thermal Sheet

CE 4000 Manual
CE 4000 Data Sheet
CE 4000 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Installation Guide for Optional Output Connectors (CEAS1, CEAS2) 
S Series Operation Manual 
M Series Operation Manual


CE1000/CE2000 Service Manual

June 2005 updated main/input PWA for CE-1000A and CE-2000A: 
CE-1000A schematics 
CE-1000A Bill of Material 
CE-1000A Difference List 
CE-2000A schematics 
CE-2000A Bill of Material 
CE-2000A difference list

CE-4000 Service Manual 
CE 4000 Schematics
CH / CL Series
CH/CL Series Manual
CH Series Data Sheet
CL Series Data Sheet
CH1 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
CH2 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
CH4 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
CL1 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
CL2 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
CL4 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
CH1 A&E Spec Sheet
CH2 A&E Spec Sheet
CH4 A&E Spec Sheet
CL1 A&E Spec Sheet
CL2 A&E Spec Sheet
CL4 A&E Spec Sheet
CMA-1 Installation Instructions 307KB
Com-Tech Series

Com-Tech "00" Series Reference Manual 620KB
Com-Tech "00" Series Quick Reference
CT200B Service Manual 173KB
CT200B Schematic 1.08MB
CT400B Service Manual  180KB
CT400 Schematic  1.64MB
CT800, CT800B Schematics 454KB
CT800B Service Manual 191KB
CT1600B Service Manual 195KB

Com-Tech "10" Series Reference Manual 1.8MB
CT210 Data Sheet
CT210 Calculated Data Sheet
CT410 Data Sheet
CT-410 Calculated Data Sheet
CT810 Data Sheet
CT-810 Calculated Data Sheet
CT1610 Data Sheet
CT-1610 Calculated Data Sheet
CT-810 / CT-1610 Service Manual 34.4MB
CP660 Manual
CP660 Data Sheet
CP660 A & E Spec Sheet
CSL Series
CSL Series Reference Manual 612KB
1400CSL Reference Manual  443KB
D-150 Owners Manual 2MB
D-150 Spec Sheet 1.7MB 
D-150 mono conversion instructions 1.3MB
D-150 Service Manual 5.2MB
D-150 Schematic 100KB 
D-150A Service Manual Part 1 (zip format) 10.5 MB
D-150A Service Manual Part 2 (zip format) 10.5 MB
D-150AII Data Sheet 2.7MB
D-150AII Schematic   54KB
D-150AII Owners Manual 1 of 3   3.9MB
D-150AII Owners Manual 2 of 3   4.6MB
D-150AII Owners Manual 3 of 3   3.7MB
D-150AII Owners manual page 4-1 update
D-150AII Service Manual 1 of 6   9.8MB
D-150AII Service Manual 2 of 6   11.4MB
D-150AII Service Manual 3 of 6   10.4MB
D-150AII Service Manual 4 of 6   8MB
D-150AII Service Manual 5 of 6   11.3MB
D-150AII Service Manual 6 of 6   8.4MB
DC-300 Instruction Manual  2.5MB
DC-300 Spec Sheet 3MB 
DC-300 Service Manual  2.8MB
DC-300A Instruction Manual  2.5MB
DC-300A Service Manual  3MB
DC-300AII Reference Manual  647KB
DC-300AII Service Manual (with schematics) 7.1MB
DC-300AII Schematic J-0124-8 1MB
DC-300AII Schematic MI250D 1.5MB 
D-60 Instruction Manual (includes service info)  2.3MB
D-75 Data Sheet  2.8MB
Delta Omega 2000
Delta Omega 2000 Brochure
Delta Omega 2000 Instruction Manual
Delta Omega 2000 Schematics (zip file)
Geodyne Series
Geodyne Owners Manual 7 .2MB
Geodyne Schematic 140KB
Geodyne I Service Manual 3.3MB
Geodyne II Service Manual 3.3MB
I-Tech Series
with ground-lift switch
I-Tech Series Operation Manual  6.2MB
I-Tech Series Datasheet  428KB
I-Tech Series
K Series
K-Series Manual
K1 & K2 Data Sheet 
K-Series Calculated Data
K Series Service Manual with Schematics (zip format)
M600 Instruction Manual
M600 Schematics
Macro-Reference Service Manual 1 of 4   13.4 MB
Macro-Reference Service Manual 2 of 4   10.9 MB
Macro-Reference Service Manual 3 of 4   10.2 MB
Macro-Reference Service Manual 4 of 4   4.4 MB
Macro-Reference Service Manual 8-1-21 Module   298KB
Macro-Reference Service Manual 8-2-22 Control module, main module component maps  1.6 MB
Macro-Reference Owners Manual 1 of 3   11.1 MB
Macro-Reference Owners Manual 2 of 3   11.6 MB
Macro-Reference Owners Manual 3 of 3   8 MB
Macro-Reference Schematics   495 KB
Macro-Tech Series

Macro-Tech Series (600, 1200 & 2400) Reference Manual  2.3MB
Macro-Tech 600 Schematic-1  331KB
Macro-Tech 600 Schematic-2  1.54MB
Macro-Tech 600 Schematic-3  533KB
Macro-Tech 600 Service Manual  204KB
MA-602/1202 Manual (Includes 2402 Info)
MA-602/1202/2402 Datasheet (Includes 2402 Info)
MA-602 A & E Spec Sheet
MA-602 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
MA-1202 A & E Spec Sheet 
MA-1202 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Macro-Tech MA-5000VZ Reference Manual 589KB
Macro-Tech MA-10,000 Datasheet  3.1MB
Macro-Tech MA-10,000 Owner's Manual 1.2MB
Macro-Tech 1200 Service Manual  204KB
Macro-Tech 1200 Schematic-1  169Kb
Macro-Tech 1200 Schematic-2  10.7KB
Macro-Tech 1200 Schematic-3  1.54MB
Macro-Tech 2400 Schematic-1  1.68MB
Macro-Tech 2400 Schematic-2  1.68MB
Macro-Tech 2400 Schematic-3  62.4KB
Macro-Tech 2400 Service Manual  231KB
Macro-Tech 5000VZ Service Manual Part 1 (zip format) 8.86 MB
Macro-Tech 5000VZ Service Manual Part 2 (zip format) 11.2 MB
Macro-Tech 5000VZ Service Manual Part 3 (zip format) 12.3 MB
Macro-Tech 5000VZ Schematics (zip format) 5.89 MB
Macro-Tech Series (24x6 & 36x12) Manual
MA24x6 Datasheet

MA24x6 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
MA36x12 Datasheet
MA36x12 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Macro-Tech Series



Macro-Tech Series

MA-2402 Manual
MA-2402 Service Manual
MA-2402 Data Sheet
MA-2402 A & E Spec Sheet
MA-2402 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
MA3600VZ Manual
MA-3600VZ / MA-5002VZ Datasheet
MA3600VZ A. & E. Specs
MA-3600VZ AC Power & Thermal Sheet
MA5002VZ Manual
MA-5002VZ A & E Spec Sheet
MA-5002VZ AC Power & Thermal Sheet
MA-5002VZ Service Manual
Macro-Tech Anniversary Series Brochure (7.2MB)

MA-2402 dxf
MA-2402 Photo, hi-res jpg
MA-2402 Photo, lo-res jpg
MA-3600VZ dxf
MA-3600VZ Photo, hi-res jpg
MA-3600VZ Photo, lo-res jpg
MA-5002VZ dxf

Micro-Tech Series

Micro-Tech Series Manual
MT Series Data Sheet
MT600 A. & E. Specs
MT-600 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
MT1200 A. & E. Specs
MT-1200 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
MT2400 A. & E. Specs

MT-2400 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Micro-Tech 600 Service Manual  185KB
Micro-Tech 600 Schematic-1  613KB
Micro-Tech 600 Schematic-2  1.35MB
Micro-Tech 600 Schematic-3  1.07 MB
Micro-Tech 1200 Service Manual 185KB
Micro-Tech 2400 Service Manual 133KB
Micro-Tech 1000 Instruction Manual 2082KB
Micro-Tech 1000 Schematic 1.6MB 
Micro-Tech 1000 Bridge-Mono Conversion Instructions 1MB 
Power Base / CSL Series
PB Series Reference Manual 309KB
PB1/460CSL Service Manual 181KB
PB1&460CSL Schematic-1  1.14MB
PB1&460CSL Schematic-2  1.53MB
PB2 / 800CSL Service Manual 162KB
PB2 Schematic  1.41MB
PB3 / 1400CSL Service Manual 131KB
PB3-1400CSL Schematic-1  1.03MB
PB3-1400CSL Schematic-2  604KB
Power Line Series
Power Line One Service Manual  3MB
Power Line Two Instruction Manual 10.4MB
Power Line Two Schematics 2.8MB
Power Line Three Instruction Manual  13MB 
Power Line Three Schematic   962 KB
Power Line Four Instruction Manual 5.6MB
Power Line Four Schematics 1.6MB


PS Series
PS-200 Data Sheet  3.2MB
PS-400 Data Sheet  2.9MB
PS-400/PL4 Service Manual  3.3MB
PSA-2 Data Sheet   2.7MB
PSA-2 Owners Manual 1 of 2   8.6MB
PSA-2 Owners Manual 2 of 2   8MB
PSA-2 Service Manual 1 of 7  6.8MB
PSA-2 Service Manual 2 of 7   10MB
PSA-2 Service Manual 3 of 7   14.7MB
PSA-2 Service Manual 4 of 7   12.5MB
PSA-2 Service Manual 5 of 7   6.6MB
PSA-2 Service Manual 6 of 7   4.5MB
PSA-2 Service Manual 7 of 7   3.6 B
PSA-2 Schematics   4.7MB
Power Tech .1 Series

PT .1 Series  Reference Manual 
PT 1.1 Datasheet
PT 1.1 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
PT 2.1 Datasheet
PT 2.1 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
PT 3.1 Datasheet
PT 3.1 AC Power & Thermal Sheet 
PT3 Schematic 1 of 2   1.4MB

PT3 Schematic 2 of 2   101KB
Pulse Series
Pulse 2X650 Data Sheet
Pulse 2X1100 Data Sheet
Pulse 4X300 Data sheet
Pulse 2X650 Manual
Pulse 2X1100 Manual
Pulse 4X300 Manual
Pulse Service Documenation
Pulse 2X650 Schematics
Pulse 2X1100 Schematics
Pulse 4X300 Schematics
Studio Reference Series

Studio Reference Data Sheet
Studio Reference Manual
Studio Reference I A. & E. Specs
Studio Reference II A. & E. Specs
Studio Reference I AC Power & Thermal Sheet

Studio Reference II AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Studio Reference Service Manual 7MB
Studio Reference Schematics 2.8MB
XLS Series
(3 rack space height)
XLS-202 Data Sheet 326KB
XLS-402 Data Sheet 348KB
XLS-602 Data Sheet 352KB
XLS-402TX Data Sheet 253KB
XLS-602TX Data Sheet 254KB
XLS Series Reference Manual 2350KB
XLS 3U checkout
XLS 3U main PWA schematic
XLS 3U input PWA and output PWA schematics
XLS Series
(2 rack space height with one Speakon connector)
XLS Series Data Sheet  319KB
XLS Series Operation Manual  2.4 MB
XLS-202 A&E Specs 37.8KB
XLS Series Input PWA schematic
XLS Series Output PWA schematic
XLS Series Main PWA schematic
XLS Series
(2 rack space height with two Speakon connectors)

XLS Series Operation Manual
XLS Series Data Sheet
XLS-202 A&E Specs
XLS-402 A&E Specs
XLS-602 A&E Specs

XLS-802 A&E Specs
AC Power Draw and Thermal Dissipation Info
XLS 202 front jpg
XLS 202 back jpg
XLS front dxf
XLS back dxf
XLS front stack lineart jpg
XLS Series photo hi-res jpg 
XLS 5000 photo hi-res.jpg 
Xs Series
Xs Series Operation Manual
Xs Series 4-Language Operation Manual
Xs Series Data Sheet 
Xs Series one page brochure
Xs500 A&E Specs
Xs700 A&E Specs
Xs900 A&E Specs
Xs1200 A&E Specs
Xs4300 A&E Specs
Xs500 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Xs700 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Xs900 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Xs1200 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
Xs4300 AC Power & Thermal Sheet
XTi Series

XTi Data Sheet
XTi Operation Manual 
XTi Power Draw & Thermal Dissipation 

Amplifier Accessories

MT-BB Manual
MT-XLR Manual
Remote Switching Voltage Provider (R.S.V.P.)
RSVP Manual
SST Modules
SST-Modules Reference Manual
SST-MX Datasheet
SST-SX Datasheet
SST-SBSC Datasheet
SST-3632 Datasheet
SST-4632 Datasheet
SST-4622 Datasheet
SST-SBSC 4632T Datasheet
SST-SBSC 3632T Datasheet