Software/Firmware Downloads

Harman HiQnet™ Band Manager™ and System Architect™ Software

Band Manager and System Architect software packages are available from the Harman Pro website at

You will need to register on the HiQnet site in order to download software.

For additional information about using the software, please see the video tutorials page.

Crown Software & Firmware

IQwic and other software packages are available for download from this site. Please provide your email address and click "Download Now" on this page to access the downloads area. The IQwic software suite allows you to control and monitor components that use TCP/IQ (Ethernet) for control. This includes the I-Tech family of amplifiers, PIP-Lite, PIP-USP3, and PIP-USP3CN from Crown. The IQwic software does not support CDi, DSi, MacroTech i Series or XTi amplifiers. Those products must use System Architect.

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