I-Tech 4x3500HD



Product Overview

The I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifier is the industry's first high-powered tour sound amplifier featuring four inputs, Analog, AES3, and CobraNet™, fully routable to any one of 4 outputs.  Each channel features a complete compliment of OmniDriveHD™ Processing, including the acclaimed LevelMAX™ Limiter Suite, and support for linear phase FIR filters as used in the latest JBL V5 loudspeaker tunings.  Combine that with Crown's patented Class-I technology delivering uncompromising power output across all four channels, and it's easy to see why the I-Tech 4x3500HD is the new flagship tour sound amplifier from Crown.


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Product Details

True Power Density
Crown amplifiers run louder, longer, and with higher fidelity than competing amplifier designs. The I-Tech 4x3500HD is no exception, with four channels of patented Class-I technology packed into a compact 2U design.
A culmination of nearly two decades of R&D in PWM and switch-mode amplification, DriveCore™ is a Crown exclusive that combines hundreds of parts into one chip the size of a your fingertip, resulting in more efficiencies and unsurpassed reliability.
4 In/4 Out
True flexibility, each amplifier is capable of independently driving up to four separate zones with a full suite of processing options on each channel.
Omnidrive HD
With the latest programmable studio-grade 32-bit Sharc® processors with enhanced SIMD architecture and a proprietary D/A output filter for improved signal-to-noise at least 6 dB quieter than outboard DSP, it's easy to see how the decade-long partnership between Crown and BSS continues to go beyond "what's possible" and into "what's next."
Global PSU
Universal power supply with Power Factor Correction technology adjusts to any frequency or mains voltage between 100-240VAC in a controlled manner – and in real time – so you can use it anywhere in the world and it will always deliver full power.
When compared to traditional, non-switching amplifiers, the I-Tech HD series weighs an average of 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) less.  Additionally, the patented Universal Power Supply with Power Factor Correction combined with the patented Class-I PWM output stage of the I-Tech 4x3500HD provides greater than 90% efficiency at full power from 100-240VAC.
Crown offers a five-year, no-fault, fully transferable warranty on every new I-Tech HD series amplifier we make – an unsurpassed industry standard. 


I-Tech 4x3500HD DUAL BRIDGED    
  2-ohm 2.7-ohm  4-ohm 8-ohm 4-ohm 8-ohm   70VRMS  100VRMS

20 Hz - 20 kHz 
(All Channels Driven) 

2100 2200 2400 1900 4200 4800     2100     2300

20ms Burst

3500 3800 4000 2100 7000 6000    







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