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CARIBBEAN -- For the first time in history, last year’s Cricket World Cup (CWC) was held in the Caribbean, with matches staged in eight venues across the West Indies territory. A huge success by all standards, the games drew an attendance of 672,000 – including more than 100,000 international visitors – and were televised to more than two billion viewers in over 200 countries, further cementing Cricket’s reputation as the world’s second most popular sport.

Prior to the games, however, venues in Barbados and Trinidad were tasked with upgrading their outdated sound systems to meet the requirements of the International Cricket Council, while a newly constructed stadium in Antigua was in need of an initial audio system. For all three facilities, AMR Limited of Trinidad proudly “stepped up to bat” by designing and installing sophisticated PAVA (Public Address and Voice Alarm) systems sporting Crown Audio amplification, BSS Audio processing and JBL Professional loudspeakers. At the heart of each of these installs is Harman Pro’s HiQnet™, a control protocol that allows for seamless integration between the various audio components.

Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium on the Caribbean island of Antigua is a state-of-the-art facility that was built specifically for use in the 2007 Cricket World Cup. The stands at Viv Richards normally have a capacity of 10,000, but for the six “Super 8” games that it hosted, enough temporary seating was added to double that figure. Built at an estimated cost of $60M, this multi-use stadium is referred to as “ultra-modern” and the audio system that was installed certainly lives up to the claim.

Each of the two stadium stands today benefits from a BSS Soundweb London BLU-80 signal processor, which controls a total of 27 Crown CTs 2000 LITE (CTs 2000 with a PIP-Lite Module) and three CTs 8200 USP/CN. All JBL ceiling and surface mount speakers were distributed systems run 70-volt using Crown CDi power amplifiers, while the large format horns were run as low impedance 8-ohm systems by the CTs models.

With a seating capacity of 25,000, the Queen’s Park Oval on the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the largest and most famous international cricket ground in the West Indies. Home to the Queen’s Park Cricket Club (QPCC) since 1896, this facility underwent a major upgrade for its hosting duties.

According to AMR Ltd. Sales Engineer Michael Pereira, who was also the PAVA project manager for this venue, “This was a complete redesign. Originally, the stadium’s stand had a maximum of two bi-radial horns per floor giving very poor intelligibility and inconsistent volume levels at the best of times.” In addition to the existing quality issues, there were also a number of new requirements that came from the International Cricket Council taking over the stadium for the CWC.

Each of the nine stands now has a BSS signal processor – three BLU-80 and six BLU-32 – which collectively feed 23 Crown CTs 2000 LITE and 21 Crown CDi 2000 amplifiers. In addition, three Crown XTi 2000 amplifiers fed by a BSS Soundweb SW3088MM were used to run a temporary system in the adjacent park.

Pereira proudly shared some of the response he has received for the new Queen’s Park sound system, “There were many instances where fans commented on the system, some being happy that they were finally able to understand the announcer and others impressed by the clarity and high intelligibility of both announcements and music which were played over the system. Stadium owners were impressed by the flexibility of the system and the ability to monitor and control the entire stadium’s system from a common point.”

The Kensington Oval on the island of Barbados, known locally as the “Mecca” of cricket, has been hosting the sport for more than 120 years. In addition to its cricket duties, this venue has hosted a wide variety of events, such as football (soccer), hockey, beauty pageants, and concerts. The Kensington stadium had the honor of being the host for the 2007 Cricket World Cup final between Australia and Sri Lanka, hosting over 20,000 enthusiastic fans. Three years ago, a complete redevelopment of the stadium, costing a reported $45M, began in preparation for the games.

Like the Queen’s Park Oval, each of Kensington Oval’s six stands has a BSS signal processor – three BLU-80 and three BLU-32 – controlling five Crown CTs 8200, 29 CTs 2000 and four XTi 2000 power amplifiers. As in the other stadiums, all of the ceiling speakers and surface mounts were run 70V using the Crown CDi amps, while the large horns were run 8-ohm with the CTs models.

AMR Limited is a Trinidad-based Harman Pro distributor serving most of the Caribbean with professional audio, video and specialty lighting. AMR is also the largest contracting company for presentation venues in the Caribbean and is well known for its experience in the design, supply and installation of specialty systems for entertainment and presentation venues. For more information on AMR, contact AMR@trinidad.net or 868.638.6385.

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