Crown XLS DriveCore 2 Deals (US only)

Crown XLS DriveCore 2 Deals (US only)

合法有效 2019年7月01日-2019年7月31日

Have you met the XLS DriveCore 2 Series? These next-gen XLS power amps boast a sleek new look, huge LCD screen and even more DSP. The line is ultra-efficient thanks to Crown’s patented DriveCore technology, which seamlessly integrates the amplifier drive stage into the power output stage, fusing everything into a chip the size of a dime. These 11-pound powerhouses can drive 2,400 watts at 4 ohms bridged with tons of headroom, ensuring a clean, undistorted signal straight to your speakers. Right now we’re offering $50 instant rebates on the XLS 1002 (2-channel, 350W @ 4 ohms) and XLS 1502 (2-channel, 525W @ 4 ohms) models. Grab these incredible deals while they last! Offer ends July 31; US only.

  • XLS 1002

    双通道、350W @ 4Ω 功放
  • XLS 1502

    双通道、525W @ 4Ω 功放