Microtech 1200 Crown factory Repair

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mikem    0

Hello, I just read that Crown Factory Service no longer services PowerBase amplifiers. If that is true, how long will Crown factory service be available for Microtech 1200 amps? I currently use four MT1200's and to this date, they have performed flawlessly. Will factory service be available for them (just in case) for the next few years or should I sell them at this time? Please advise, Mike M

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DGlass    0

Do the increased number of amplifier sales that last couple of years even if we only have a 1% failure rate the number of returns would increase proportional to the number of sales. To keep cost lower we have decided to keep our factory service mainly working on current or warranted products. Just because a product is no longer serviced here at Crown doesn't mean that an independent service center can't work on them or that the parts will not be available. For those products that we no longer service internally we have contracted with A.E. Tecron, which was our Industrial Amplifier division that spun off several years ago, to service these products. The personnel there are former Crown employees and know the products very well. :)

As a side note I have not heard any plans to put the MT series on the discontinued list.

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