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Setting Limiters for my new system

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I am having some serious problems here.... My company has recently purchased a new audio system and pretty much all of the amps are overpowered for the speakers, I need some help knowing where to set the limiters so I don’t blow the speakers. Here is what I have:

FOH: Yamaha M7CL, DBX Drive Rack 260

2 EV QRX 212/75 per side Bi amped (Low end on ITech 4000, High end on K1)

1 EV QRX 112/75 per side Passive (On an Itech 4000)

2 Servo Drive Bass Tech 7's per side (On an Itech 4000)

All amps run in stereo, now I know I can adjust the wattage output in the itechs to match the RMS of the speakers, but the K1 is still overpowered for the horns. I am really stuck here, as of right not I have adjusted the input sensitivity of the itechs to match the output of the driverack and set the limiters to 0 db with +3 overshoot. And I am not really even positive that this is correct.

Thank you your help will be appreciated.

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