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The Technical Specs given for the XTi series gives the following information on current draw...

XTi 1000: 6.5A

XTi 2000: 6.9A

XTi 4000: 8.0A

does this mean that the max current draw of the Xti2000 is only 6.9 amps? and then theoretically three amps would only possibly pull at total of 20.7 amps at full draw? and since full output would probably never be achieved, that three could run all on one 20 amp breaker?

my plan, once i receive the 3 that i ordered is to run two as bridge-mono for subs and one bridge-mono to run both tops.

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DGlass    0

These numbers are for general regulator conditions. Actual current draw will vary dependant on the Duty Cycle of the Program material being used, the load impedance and the level you are trying to run. Currently we do not have the current draw specs available for the XTi series as we do on other products. I am told it will be available but isn't at this time.

However, if you use these numbers you should be allright. I don't like to say I will never push my system to do full potential because I know some were down the road I have to. I also do not like to load my AC breaker down (saying I never will again) leave myself a little extra. :)

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