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When will Crown provide the Amp selections for the DBX drive rack 260 ?

I have 9 VRX's 932 and 10 SRX 918s whoever i do have downloaded the

tunings from JBL for them witch are great but i have to select ( Custom )

for Amp selection to drive the I-Tech series. Is there any real tech support

DBX tell's me is wating for Crown and Crown say the opposite . WOW Crown

Dbx and JBL all in the same roof ? Amazing . Is there any positive tech support

besides buying (With no doubth ) their great products ? Am not the smartest guy

in the world but i can figure it out again things could be easier . Am not upset and my system sounds great from detailed clarity to earth shaking just dont like to be bounced around by so called tech suport going around circles.

Is there anyone out there ?

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DGlass    0

Well.. we are under the same corporate ownership but not under the same roof. :D

Dbx needs to put our info in their box we can't do it for them and our info is readily available to them. You will have to address that issue with them.

Likewise we can't just put the JBl settings in our amps until JBL provide us with their tuning info. We could put our determined turnings in but it may not be what they might recommend for that amplifier and it's incorporated processor.

I'm sorry to say that it's kind of a catch 22 as each company is responsible for their own products and what they do with them. However the good news is that since we are under the same ownership that it is easier to get things done when the moons align right. :D

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