CTs-600 70 Volt Output

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girhoma    0

Can I use the CTs-600 Amplifier to operate the Contro24CT speakers without using the TP-170V Transformer Panel?

This speaker needs 70V line, and there is NO switch in the amplifier to switch between 4/8OHM - 70/100V LINE.

I am wondering why crown dosent say that in the manual that comes with the unit,

becuase it indicates that you can use the amplifier in 70V mode or 4/8OHM mode

this is a very strange, however from my experiance, there was a switch for the operation mode to switch the amp. in the CT MODELS

Please advice by email, if possible

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DGlass    0

The amplifier does a direct drive of 70 volt lines. The only thing you should need to "switch" is the input gain switch located behind the input panel. Even if you didn't do this the CTs amplifier would still direct drive a 70 volt line. (discribed in the "Advanced Features and Options" secton of the manual. There is a diagram and instructions in the "Setup" section of the manual that show how to connect to a 70 volt system. We don't mention a 70 volt operational switchover "switch" because we don't have one or need one as the CTs series is far more than the CT series was.

Also check out our web site info on Advantages Of Direct Constant-Voltage Operation In Crown Power Amps

The TP-170 would only be needed if the system requires a 100 volt output from the CTs600/1200. The TP-170 can also be used with many other amplifiers to provide a 40/50/70/100 volt output depending on the amplifier's power output. (see the TP-170V Spec Sheet) :)

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