XLS602 and Splitting inputs

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Geja    0

Can anyone assist with this. Just bought a new XLS602. I would like to know if the following is possible.

I want to take a [one] line from one of my auxillary sends of a Yamaha powered mixer - [jack]. I would like to split that line to the 2 canon inputs of the XLS.

I an using 2 JBL Jrx 115 [8 ohms] out of the XLS - one per channel.

I have 2 "aux sends" on the Yamaha and I want to use the other one for a powered foldback.


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DGlass    0

All you would need to do is use a standard of the shelf "Y" cable on the input of the amp this way the Aux signal is fed to both inputs of the amp.

These cables can be purchased with many different input connectors and than "Y" out to two male XLR connectors to the amplifier inputs.

In this case make sure you get a Mono "Y" as there are some that are setup for stereo feeds.

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