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d8bernhard    0

Hi, I downloaded the new firmware V2.01 and installed it to my IT4k. No Problems.

Then I started the System Architect and this program reported that there is a new firmware V2.02 available - I let him install.

But now, it is not possible to see the amp with IQWic 8. Because there are no OIF-Files for this Firmware-Version. Why that?

Should I work with V2.01 even I wanna use both IQWic and System Architect?



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DGlass    0

When you downloaded the new firmware there was a folder that had the new .oif files. If you take the .oif files and put them in the C:\Program Files\IQ Systems\IQwic directory and then restart IQwic8.0 the software will see the amplifiers with the newer firmware.

Also IQwic 8.01 was just released and it should eliminate the need for doing this. :)

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