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Itec input sensitivity / amp gain

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thoff    0

Is the Itec input sensitivity stored within the user presets?

If so where can i edit this value in IQwic (i can't find it among the values listed by right-clicking on "edit preset" in IQwic8)?

The maximum analog input level (15dBu / 21dBu) can be stored within a user preset... so i guess it would also make sense to save the input sensitivity / amp gain... ?

Itec FW: 2.01

I'm editing offline (no amps connected). Could that be the reason why i can't see or change the input sensitivity in IQwic?



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Adi    0

Hi Tobi,

that´s right. In offline Modus you can´t change Gain voltage or input sensitivity.

The reason is that the software doesn´t know if the settings are for a 4000/6000/8000 i-tech.

kind regards


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