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CE2000 Power Off

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nrohrer    0

I use a CE2000 in my bass rig. Bass to Preamp to CE2000 to two cabs. It is in normal stereo mode. When I shut down I first turn the volume on the preamp down completely and also on the CE2000 and then switch off the CE2000 and then the preamp. When I switch off the ce2000 it pops (loudly). Why is this? Also.. is there any particular capacitor or other component which might be faulty which might fix this. I bought it used and already had to replace Q1 and Q2 so the fan would work.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Lou    0

There is a relay in the output circuit that should disconnect and you would not hear this. Apparantly one HV rail is dropping faster than the other and producing DC on the output before the relay can drop out.

What does it do when you power it up? You should hear two clicks as the relays energize.

Does it do it on both channels?

There are no caps in the output as it is DC coupled.

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