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I want to power 2 cerwin vega clsc 215 speakers rated at 400w rms each. I plan on adding 2 more in the future. What amp would be good? I have no preamp as of yet and was wondering about connecting the preamp to the amp. Does the pre amp have to have the same XLR , 1/4" TRS outputs as the inputs on the amp or can I go RCA to XLR? What does this do to the sound, performance? And what about balanced and unbalanced inputs on the amp, does the preamp have to match? If you could suggest a good preamp reasonably priced w/remote. Previously had an adcom amp powering 2 cerwin vega clsc e12 with a yamaha preamp and the adcom would over heat after extended use and shut down. I probable had insufficiant speaker wires. This is for home use, I love my music loud and hate it when an amp shuts down. I want fans for cooling. CROWN looks appealing to me POWER, QUALITY, DEPENDABLE. I am an electronics nubby so keep it simple, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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You can hookup unbalanced to balanced input but remember that consumer gear is built on different specs and you may need a converter box to go in-between. Check out other posting in this forum that discuss these boxes.

As for the wiring of a balanced to unbalanced connector check out our "Amplifier Application Guide" at It has just about every connection wiring you could think of.

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