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CSL-Series for studios?

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jeenie67    0

are the csl-amps ok for studios or are the only for pa!?!?

which product-series are good for studios?



Hello, how proffesional are you. What are you powering? For true studio work, the amplifier is in support only to the monitoring system...speakers. How efficient are the monitors? Don't be dazzled by all the music dealers with thier pro this and that...they only want to sell to the generic public..just like home theater. A studio system is for LISTENING to what has been recorded (hopefully on reel to reel). Crown had incredible decks, I'm searching for one now, also Ampex (real pro stuff, not consumer pro). You want QUIET ! Clean ! this is not road abuse. 100 watts a side is plenty, it's NOT volume you want, it's quality. Any crown amp will fit the bill, any bill with finess. Years ago I had the pleasure of being a consultant for MOOG synthesizers, but the Norlin Music Div.(lab series amps) studio in Buffalo. The original Bob Moog factory was 5 blocks from my house. Thier studio had a rack of D 60's. a rack of IC 150's, and a rack of 300's. These powered JBL studio mons.(cant remember the model, they were big, like my Altecs. A lot of power, but an overkill....they had bucks. I have a XLS 202, Altec A-7's...the amp is plenty. Just acquired a pair of model 15's for free, need polyfoam surrounds, $150 at a stereo shop. Efficiency-true working freq. range, then the mixer. I'm building a small studio just for acoustic guitar and my new, free 1933 Packard upright piano in excellent condition, and just tuned. Free...just move it out ! Keep it simple...keep it clean. Eugene Z

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