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COMTECH 210 on studio

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peron rarez    0

I was looking for an amplifier to feed my small studio monitor (yamaha NS10) I found and purchased on an used áudio equipment store a COM-TeC 210 amplifier (in a very good conditions and excellent price). I’d like to know if would be fine to employ this amp on a studio monitor situation, since someone told me this amplifier is intend for ambient sound system?


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DGlass    0

The CT210 would work fine as a monitor amp. It has the same basic Grounded-Bridge circuitry used in many of our other amplifier designs with the exception of a few modifications to be able to drive commercial distributed speaker systems as well.

Likewise it was the only one in that series that didn't ship with a fan so if the fan kit wasn't added you would have amplifier that wouldn't add any fan noise to the room.

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