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Torsoman    0

So i'm very new at this and have been trying to learn all I can and I think I have this right, or at least in the ballpark but I thought i would consult the experts. Maybe I should have done this before I bought the amp but, better late than never. Plus if I blow my speakers up I will never hear the end of it from my band members.

I have 2 older model sp-5g peavey speakers rated at 250 Rms, 500 Program and 1000 peak, at 8 ohms each. I just bought the CE2000 power amp, which from what i read should be about what I want (can afford at the moment) at 400 watts per channel at 8ohms. However I have been reading some conflicting things about how much power I should be running. We play rock music and the system will be used for vocals only. The other thing is that I have not yet purchased any type of equalization system, because i am now broke. Anyway, does this system look like it will work out alright? And are there any things i should look out for?



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DGlass    0

The CE2000 amplifier should be fine with your speakers. Using the guidelines discussed in other posting your speaker would be looking for an amp that would do 400-625 watts per channel with an 8-ohm load. The CE2000 falls just in there.

An EQ however would be nice for feedback suppression. Remember it is a tool and if used properly you will be able to get more level out of your system before feedback happens. If used improperly it can make your system sound really bad.

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