Information on C-audio amp SRX3801

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Xyuny    0

Hello, I bought a second-hand amplifier C-audio SRX3801.

I would like to get the user manual end the service manual.

As C-audio has been bought by Crown (as I have been told), this is the only place to get information. The C-audio-site doesn't exist anymore. (www.c-audio.com).

Where could I get these documentation ?

Best regards,


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DGlass    0

Well your information is close. We didn’t purchase C-Audio but we were purchased by Harman International that also owned C-Audio. They were dissolved a short time later and two of their amplifier lines were transferred to us which we modified, updated and rebadged as Crown. However we did not inherit all of their amplifier designs and technical information.

They did maintain a web site for technical assistance however I have checked the URL for the link, I provided in another posting, and you are correct their web site is now dead.

I regret to say that we can not assist you as we do not have any information on their products.

You might try Harman Pro UK to see if they have any contact information at:

Harman Pro UK

Cranborne House

Cranborne Road

Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 3JN, UK

t: 01707 668222

f: 01707 668010

e: info@harmanprouk.com

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peter88    0

You are in luck if you are still looking for this manual. i have several of these amps and some others, I also have service manuals for the majority of c audio product in pdf form. PM me with your e mail address.


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