Macro Reference versus current amplifiers

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retate    0

I have a 15 year old Crown Macro Reference that I have used for home audio. I am looking to augment or replace it as part of a migration to multiple channel audio for home theatre, and possibly biamping my front left and right speakers. I am looking for input in regards to what would be good choices in the current Crown series of amps to use in conjunction with or in replacement of my Macro Reference. I am using more efficient speakers than when I acquired the Macro Reference so today I do not need the power output that it is capable of. Would either the XTI series or the I-Tech series provide an improvement in sound quality over the Macro Reference? Any input is appreciated.


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Well......are our amps are good some are better than others at certain applications. You can purchase our entry level XLS amplifier or you could go all the way up to our Top of line I-Techs. Of course you get what you pay for. Some have fans that are on all the time some have fans that our proportional some have no fans etcetera... I know of people that use everything XLS, XS, CE, K, CTs, MA, and I-Techs it's all in what you want to pay for. The Xti would fall a little above middle in our product line.

Personally I like to use K-series amplifiers for home. They use the same input electronics as our now discontinued Studio Ref amplifiers. They also use convection cooling so there is no fan noise that is added back into the room environment, they have a high Damping Factor are very energy efficient. :)

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