Amcron Macro-Tech 2401

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djneoh    0

Hi there.

We have a "little" Problem with our Amcron Macro-Tech 2401.

On Normal loads Channel 2 is shutting down.

ODEP Light On / Signal Light Bright

I've read the Specs and found that this means that there's a disortion on the channel.

But nothing is written that the Channel shuts down.

Could this be a overload at the outputs?

There's no overheating!

I have really no idea whats the problem with it.

Hope you can help me..

Sorry for that bad english. hope you understand what i mean.. :-)

Greets from Germany.


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DGlass    0

This means the amplifier is in IOC mode and since the channel is shutting down there is probably a bad output device or driver. I would have you get in contact with our Distributor in Germany for servicing your amplifier. Their contact info is below:

Audio Pro Heilbronn

Pfaffenstrasse 25

74078 Heilbronn, Germany

PH: 49-7131-2636-408

FAX: 49-7131-2636-432


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