CTs Multichannel Amplifiers

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Information announced regarding the updated CTs Multichannel Amplifiers states,

"CTs 4200a and CTs 8200 models ordered with the networking option can connect to a 100 Mbps Ethernet network using standard Ethernet hardware (switches, Network Interface Cards, and cables) allowing them to be remotely controlled and monitored via Harman Pro System Architect software."

Will there be an option available for my existing CTs 4200s?

Currently I am having to use the older current loop system with the Crown ® IQ-MC4 for them, while the rest of my system is using the Ethernet system. I would really like to be able to switch to the faster Ethernet system, not only for the speed, but also to do away with using the 'gateway' software. Also, will it be compatible with IQWic or only System Architect software? And what about the feature set?

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DGlass    0

The TCP/IQ version of the CTS multi-channel amplifiers must be ordered as a whole integrated amp package. Currently I am being told the networkable IQ card is not going to be sold separately due to the possibility of install error outside the factory. Also at this present time the card is only being deemed for install into the CTs4200a due to the internal redesign from the CTs4200 to the CTs4200a.

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