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Just starting to get educated on prof. power amps and goggle'd it. And so this forum. One of the brands available here in Saudi Arabia are Crowns that is why I've decided to read about it. One particular model I saw here is the CE 1000 and so I'm planning to use it together with a JBL JRX 115. Will this amp be enough? The price of Crown amps here is double compared to what I see on the net and so if this is sufficient to use with JBL's (using the .8 or 1.25 rule) then I would like to get this model. I want to replace my home theater receiver because I want something louder and clearer sound esp. when using it for a live performance indoor or out. First I thought about getting a McKie then I saw Crown and now I'm confused.

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From the JBL web site and using the amplifier selection formulas mentioned in other postings of this form. I can see that the speaker would be needing an amplifier that could provide about 500 watts/ch, 8-ohms and be in the power range of 400 to 625 watts/ch 8-ohms.

The CE 1000 is rated for 275 watts/ch , 8-ohms and although it is above the 250 watt "Power Capacity" (Continuous Power) rating of the speaker it would provide little head room for peaks in the audio program source.

I would recommend either the CE2000 (400w/8-ohm) or XS500(400w/8-ohm) as a minimum, for some headroom. You may also want to consider the XS700 (450w/8-ohms) or the new XLS802 (500w/8-ohms) and XTi2000 ( 475w/8-ohms) which will be available in March. :)

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