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Whiting1977    0

I just received my Crown 311a mic and I cannot wait to try it out this weekend. I am a singing drummer and it comes highly recommended. My question is this. I took it out of the plastic case it came in and begin to make the necessary adjustments so it would sit correctly on my head. Because I didn't pay attention to how the mic was situated within the case, I can not figure out how it goes back in. I have tried every which way but I can not come to a conclusion and I do not want to bend or damage the mic. A stupid question I know, but can anyone help me?



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brubart    0

Hi Steve; sorry for the delay.

Place the headband in the carrying case with the earpieces down. The earpieces should look like a "U" shape when the mic is placed in the case.

The headband fits in the U-shaped cutout. It's okay if the headband is compressed by the case cover when you close the case.

Place the battery pack in the middle of the case so that it will be held by the foam block on the inside of the case cover.

Place the mic boom arm alongside the case front, and capture the boom under the Velcro strip.


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