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I run a Boss GT6 processor to my XLS402 send left output of processor and right output of processor to the serperate channels of the amp. Use binding opst out puts, 1 channel is run to a Celestian 75W, and the other is run to another Celstian 75W which is hooked parralel to a 12" bass speaker. The amp is run at 75% to completely open depending upon how close/loud acoustic drums are. After a couple of hours the single Fault light will activate and I lose output to the speakers, the amp remains powered on. The amp feels hot, and unless the fans run at a very low speed, I really don't feel much for ventilation. I purchased the amp new a little over two years ago. I can power off the amp, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and all is good for awhile again. Is my config not practical or is it something pertaining to the amp?

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If the amplifier has been running, feels hot and there is little to no air flow than it sounds like either the fan or the fan control circuit is not working properly. This would cause the amp to over heat and the thermal protection to kick in shutting the amplifier down. The fans are variable speed and you should hear a difference between low speed, when the amp is cooler and high speed when the amp is hotter. If you are not than I would recommend that you have it looked at by either a Crown Authorized Service Center or here at Crown Factory Service.

If you decide to send the unit here you will need to go online to Crown Factory Service and create an SRA (Service Return Authorization) number before shipping it in.

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