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Keefer    0

Hi, I am new to this forum and just wanted to ask opinions on some amps I saw today. I found a D-150A series II, a Com-Tech 200 and a Com-Tech 1610 all stacked up in a collectible case at a thrift store, they were asking $600 for all 3 pcs. I am not familiar with any Crown gear and wonder if these are older units and if they are worth that much $$ (assuming they work properly)? They all appeared clean from the front, but I suspect they have not been properly checked out due to the limitations of the thrift store. Any input would be appreciated, as I am considering purchasing them (or making an offer anyway!)

Thanks, Keefer

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DGlass    0

We don't generally track the used values of amplifiers but you could check for used pricing.

Iif they are all working, are in good shape and all three together are selling for $600 than it sounds like it would be a good deal. :)

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