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bgephart    0

How much distance should I put between a crown 2000 xls 602 and Peavey cs800 .The crown amps can be mounted on top of each other I know.The crown amps pull air through the front and exhaust thru the back.The Peavey pulls air from the back and exhaust thru the front.I have all three on top of each other.I have noticed the crown 2000 is starting to clip on channel 2 alot.Could this be the problem?

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DGlass    0

It's hard to say if the 2000 (CE2000?) is having a problem or it's a load related issue. You may want to switch loads from side to side on the amp and see if the issue follows the load first.

As for spacing I would leave a couple of rack spaces between the Crown and the Peavey and put a blank rack panel in that space. Since heat rises I would probably put the Peavey on top so the Crowns are not drawing in the warm air of the Peavey as it exits the amp.

This produces another potential problem with the Peavey because it would then be pulling in the warm air of the rack...........but it would be doing that anyway...... :blink:

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Bud Bolf    0


Also since the Peavey and the Crown will have open space, make

sure that you solidly secure the rear of the Amps, i.e. rear amp rails.

I do this even if amps are stacked on top of each other, but especially

if there is a space between them.

You could also think of buying a 2 space rack drawer and install it

between the amps.

I hate to see space go to waste and I'm sure that you could put something

in it.

The CE2000 is a pretty short amp, which is good and bad.

The bad part is only on a setup like this because it will deposit the heat

deeper inside the rack.

If the CE2000 was a deep amp like the CE4000, it would be closer to having the heat actually exit out the back of the rack.

I also cannot swear to it but I know that many will install extra fan(s)

in the rear of the rack to keep things cool, this may get you down

to 1 open space rather than two.

This works well with the K series if they are getting hot.

I have also been told that you want to put a solid panel as a

rack spacer and not one with openings.

This is good for air flow in that the air will be drawn through the amps,

via a solid front on the amp rack.

This is one example of why you usually do not mix front to rear and

rear to front air flows, but it is done, obviously.

Good Luck,


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