CH/CL vs CE for a subwoofer amp ?

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Ghost_Dog    0

CH/CL vs CE for a subwoofer amp ?

How do these amps differ? Which one might handle a low impedence load better?

How loud are the fans?

Does either have a rumble filter on board?

lastly , and forgive me for not being very knowledgable on this but do

these have the parallel mono type bridge mode?..which I hear is

really much better than the traditional bridge mono oporations.

BTW I noticed the CE-1000 and CL1 have suspiciously similar specs. <_<


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DGlass    0

The CE and CH/CL are basically the same amplifiers. The CH/CL are marketed toward the commercial install market. The CH has some modes to mods to make it be able to drive a 70-volt line per channel.

Neither series has a rumble filter.

The fan can be a little noisy when on full speed but are a proportional speed fan. that is to say that if the amplifier only need a little cooling the fan is only on a little if it needs more cooling the fan will ramp up accordingly.

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