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I'm a Crown ITech user.

Usually I use 16 IT6000 at the same time, controlled by IQwiq Software.

Since the release of System Architect that I'm trying to build a control panel for my system. System Arcitect and IQwiq are quite good software but none of then as the ease of use needed for real world "on the road" applications. Let me put this scenario.

In the 16 IT6000 system, usually I use:

8 X IT6000 to drive 16 EAW SB1000 Subs (4 Amps 8 Subs per side) 6 X IT6000 to drive 24 EAW KF730 Line Array flown (3 Amps 12 boxes per side)

2 X IT6000 to drive 4 EAW KF730 Line Array front fill (1 Amp 2 boxes per side)

Now what do I need from System Architect or IQwiq?

I need one way to, really, link or group all the ITECH parameters. For example if I need to fine tune the eq on subs, I don’t have to do it in the 8 amps, one amp at the time. I can build a panel to control those amps, put a fader to control the delay and link that fader to each one of my sub amps. But instead of using those 8 amps for subs I need to use 10 amps for reinforce the subs, it's necessary to reprogram that panel.

I need to be able to link or unlink, group or ungroup, the ITECH amps in an easy way. The Group panel in SA is great and acts great, (we have the one fader that acts like an analog mixer "VCA") but it's not easy to add or remove one amp to that group. I think this is very for rental companies like us that use the sound systems in different ways, from day to day. I think the most difficult is made. A great (for me the best) Power Amplifier. What we need is the best way to use it on the road. Ask your software developers to find a way to solve that.

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DGlass    0

I think this may be what you are looking for in IQwic check out the posting entitled “Control multiple channels in multiple amps” at it describes using “Instant New Masters”.

These Master Control Panels can then be recalled by either right-clicking on one of the amps and selecting the desired Master Control or by placing triggers on a workplace screen of IQwic that are assigned to recall a particular Master Control.

Amplifiers can be added or removed from a Master Control Panel by selecting the “List” button from within the open control panel, of the Master Control, and editing the amplifier selection.

Controls in the Master Control Panels can be drag and dropped onto a workplace screen as custom controls. Any changes made as far as amplifiers assigned to the Master Control would automatically be reflected in these custom controls as they are related to the Master Control Panel not individual amplifiers.

When you save a file from within IQwic the Master Control panels are saved as part of the .wiq file. This means the Master Control Panels go with the system control file you build up when the file is transferred from one computer to another.

As for the Hpro System Architect Software it is being designed by a different Hpro Group company and is still a work in progress. For only being in its second or third official release it is quite a system considering they have had the responsability to combine the products of several different companies into one software control/monitorin system. Things will progress with it as time goes on. :)

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mpjonathan    0

but what about the eqs?

setting up gain masters seems to be easy enough in iqwic or SA, but now that the new firmware offers input eqs, we need to easliy be able to link all the eqs together to use the software as a system eq. I played with SA for several hours this afternoon and couldnt figure it out. And even more confusing was this... I built a custom panel in SA and had boxes for filter type, gain, Q, and freq. I assigned filter 1 to each thing as needed, it worked and I got channel one filter one all good. But then when I tried to get filter 1 of channel 2 assigned I couldnt find a filter in the object control list to match filter 1 of channel 2. One would think it would be filter 9??? But its not. With Iqwic its just as confusing, whats up with the huge list of type and slot assignment things in the object control list? Why isnt there a list of what is what? I can handle building the eq links from scratch if I can find the filters in the list. But I think since system eq is so necessary there needs to be a way to quickly link filter 1 of every amp channel, and filter 2 and so on. So that you can open any amp and either channel of the input eq and make an adjustment to all the input eqs. I currently use a rack of lake contour and mesa eqs for system eq but if I could do it with just the amps thats one less thing to set up. Then crown could get a smaart overlay happening and it would be as good as the lake stuff. Maybe thats wishfull thinking. But some advice on how to make sense of the filters in the object control list would be a good start.

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Maybe this can help you:

Input EQ filters

Channel A Filters 1 thru 16

Channel B Filters 29 thru 44

Bandpass (crossover) filters

Channel A Filters 17 thru 20

Channel B Filters 45 thru 48

Speaker EQ filters

Channel A Filters 21 thru 28

Channel B Filters 49 thru 56

Noise Generator Filters

Channel A Filters 57 thru 60

Channel B Filters 61 thru 64

This is common to IQwiq and System Architect, but in SA there are 2 sections in the input eq. The System EQ Filters 1 thru 8 for Channel A and Filters 29 thru 36 for Channel B, and the Guest EQ Filters 9 thru 16 for Channel A and Filters 37 thru 44 for Channel B.

In reply to DGlass

I’m aware how masters work in IQwiq. What I ask is for some improvements that allow us to setup our systems easier and faster. :(

At the moment to control my main system I’ve to create 2 masters, one for low freq. and the other for hi freq., if I want to use the compressor for example. As I use front fill, I need another 2 masters for that, and a fifth master for subs. :unsure:

With the exception of the subs all my speakers and amps are equal, but I have to make 4 masters to control them.

I jus wish it would be easier :rolleyes:

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rezsbc    0

what I can't understand is that why... in either of these programs, I can't simply highlight a number of my i-tech's, right click and "link" them.

i.e. link them so I get up the normal controls for one I-Tech except that that control actually makes the same changes to all of them.

Would seem like an easy thing to implement. Tonight was the first time I tried using the pc to control all of them at once and I assumed I could do this. Very frustrating that I can't.

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