multiple controlers on the network

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Opening a second computer on the network would mean you would have a second computer that could do control and monitoring. As one computer made adjustments you could see it on the other. You can have more than one computer controlling the system. This way you could have a computer for Technicians to use at the rack location and one for an operator (with limited controls) at the operations center. :)

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Networking can be a breeze or a headache as you add more things on your network. Be careful of how you set up your IP addresses, but we have experienced no problems running multiple computers and controllers and I-Tech amplifiers on the same network. Example from last week: Eight I-Tech Amplifiers, Laptop controlling the I-Techs, a Massive Video Switcher, Power Point Display Computer, Computer processing streaming Audio & Video, Video Graphics computer, three remote laptops used for question and answer communications between conference rooms, wireless router for streaming Audio & Video and an Internet connection all attached to the same network and all running at the same time with no dropouts or errors during a week long conference of lawyers no less... Pretty impressive to me an old analog guy... Michael Oliver - Production Strategies Inc., Sacramento, CA

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