To Hook into the house system or not?

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dembits    0

Yes, it is me with yet another question. I am a DJ and I have a gig next week at a bar that has one of those powered mixer PA systems that are often sold as a package. Attached are 2 Two-way speakers suspended from the ceiling. In my set-up, I have two main speakers running off of their own amp and a set of monitors running off a separate amp going into the main and booth of my mixer. Is there a way to plug into the house sound so that I can take advantage of the additional speakers? Or would it be best and/or easier to just use my own setup? My own sound is pretty good on it's own, but since this is my first gig using this equipment, I am a little worried that it will not be enough. I would like to plan for just in case.

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DGlass    0

That would all depend on if they will let you patch into there system or not. There are several ways of doing it but without knowing their system and yours I wouldn't know which way to point you. Also it may involve unplugging things in their system which they may not be happy about.

One other thing to consider is the fact you and we both could be held liable for any damage to their system even if you were not the one who did it. :(

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chris226    0

The simplist way to accomplish what your wanting to do is; ask your venues sound tech what options, if any, THEY can offer.

If that tech is comfortable hooking you in to/AND setting the houses system piggy-back on yours, do it. You can connect your "booth" output to any open channel on the houses mixer, but you (or whoever sets the system up) must make sure YOUR amplifier(s) reache limit well before the houses do(to avoid possible damage to the house system)

If the house sound tech is reluctant or seems confused when you speak to them; USE YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT, STANDING-ALONE!


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