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Pduff315    0

I have 2 ITech 4000 side by side. I use them for subs and hipaks(ch 1 is SRX728s and ch 2 is SRX 722's). What i notice is one amp doesn't have the punch the other does. All the settings are the same the only thing I notice different is the firmware. Has any one ever heard of that maybe being an issue?

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DGlass    0

There are several things I would check in the amps.

*Make sure all the Level Attenuators are set the same from amp to amp.

*Make sure that the Attenuator Limits are not turned down on one amp a apposed to the other.

*Make sure the Input Sensitivities are set the same.

*Make sure there are no limiters turned on.

*Make sure there are no filters set in the one amp or that they are the same from amp to amp. Anytime you do processing were signal cutting/reduction is done it will effect anything past it in the signal path. Just as with an external processor the input drive level is reduced to the amplifier. This holds true with the internal processor of the I-Techs except that the internal processor is now an integrated part of the amp. Doing filter cuts would be like doing it with the external processor except the external processor is the amplifier. Thus doing filter cuts reduces the overall output.

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