Loading Presets from 2.0 into 2.01

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There are two ways of doing this but this one, even though a little longer, has proven to be the most successful.

1.Connect your computer to all the amplifiers via a network Switch.

2.Before upgrading to the 2.01 firmware I would save a file of all you amplifiers, as they are with the 2.0 firmware, using the IQwic 8.0 software File|Save functions.

Note: Make sure you copy the .OIF files that come with the firmware download into the C:\Program Files\IQ Systems\IQwic directory.

3.Then upgrade the amplifier firmware.

4.After upgrading verify the amps have upgraded and if they have use the TCP/IQ Utility program to change their IQ address to something else other than what was used during the saving of the file. (there is no need to change the IP or Subnet mask)

5.Close TCP/IQ Util., start IQwic 8.0 and open your file. When the file opens you will only see the amps with the addresses you saved when making the file and they will have a red square in the upper left corner. These however hold your settings so you will need them for right now.

6.Go to the main menu tool bar and select Dataframe|Invantory . In here you will find all the amplifiers with their new addresses. Put a check mark in their boxes and they will appear on the Workplace screen. When completed close the window.

7.Place the amplifiers that have the new IQ addresses next to the amplifiers with the corresponding old IQ addresses.

8.Next left-click on one of the old addressed amplifiers and a red highlight will appear around the icon.

9.From the Key board do a Ctrl-C . This will open a window were you can select to add the presets to the copy function. Select it.

10.When that window closes left-click on the corresponding amp with the new IQ address and the red highlight will appear around its icon.

11.From the key board do a Ctrl-V to paste the setting into the amplifier.

12.Verify settings and presets have copied over

13.Perform steps 8-12 for all amplifiers.

13.You can now delete all the old amplifiers by highlighting them and selecting delete from the key board.

14. Save the file with a new file name.

15. If desired the addresses can be changed back using the TCP/IQ Util. program.

16.After changing the addresses back restart IQwic verify settings and presets and save the file with a new file name. This will now be your new backup 2.01 file.


NOTE: This procedure will not work when going from firmware to any of the 2.0 firmware versions. :(

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Below is the other method previously mentioned. We had a customer that had a problem with this method although we have not been able to duplicate the issues they had.

This method works but if you have a problems I would use the previous mentioned method.

Short cut method:

*Save a .wiq dataframe file of the system or amplifier with the old firmware if not already done.

*Suppress “Error Reporting” in the IQwic software in the Setup|Error Reporting menu window.

1)Upgrade the amplifier(s) firmware and verify.

2)Open and “Engage” the saved Dataframe file. Make sure to select the include presets check box.

3)Closed the large IQwic window and leave the main tool bar menu open and displayed.

4)Wait about 20- 30 seconds. This will pull the current amplifier firmware version(s) up into the software.

5)Open the saved file but DO NOT Engage it. This will put the current amplifier firmware version(s) into the file.

6)After the amplifier(s) come online save the file with a new name.

7)The file and amplifiers should now be updated. :)

NOTE: Again..... This procedure will not work when going from firmware to any of the 2.0 firmware versions.

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