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acjay    0

What are the ac power draws for Macro-Tech 1200 & Macro-Tech 2400?

We are working in a club which has several of these that were installed by a non-technical person and want to make sure that we have adequate power and circuit protection in place. Any help is appreciated.

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DGlass    0

Like with any amplifier that will vary depending on the load and the duty cycle of the signal source. Power draw sheets for the MA1200/1202 are available on our web site at: and the Power Draw sheet for the MA2400/2402 is available at: From these data sheets you will see that the worst case in live application would be a 2-ohm stereo load with highly compressed Hard Rock Music. In this case the MA1200/02 will draw about 9.5 amps (950 watts) and the MA2400/02 will draw about 14.4 amps (1445 watts). :)

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